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British geneticist says yetis are descended from ancient polar bears

After studying two DNA samples that supposedly were taken from a yeti in the Himalayas, a British geneticist has concluded that the samples are not from anything living, but are nearly identical to ancient polar bears. Somehow, the idea of ancient bears roaming around just out of the corner of your eye is cooler than bigfoot.

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BBC cameraman has a very, very close encounter with a polar bear

While filming The Polar Bear Family & Me in Svalbard, Norway, BBC wildlife cameraman Gordon Buchanan had a very close encounter with a female polar bear while he was stationed inside of a plexiglass ice cage.


And now, here’s a rare video of a mother polar bear nursing her cubs

Mother with two cubs of the year nursing on an inland lake on the shores of Hudson Bay. This is a behavior rarely caught on camera.

And now, here’s a polar bear trying to smash its aquarium glass with a rock

Nobody puts polar bear in an aquarium. Fuck your puny enclosure.


All of today’s polar bears can trace their lineage back to Ireland

Quite a few Americans can claim some sort of Irish heritage, but polar bears can trace the entire lineage of their entire species to a single group of brown bears in Ireland during the last major ice age.

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Polar bears rage on robot spycams

Scientists used a camouflaged robot spy camera to try and get an up close and personal look at the lives of polar bears, but polar bears, being incredibly territorial decided that they didn’t like the spycam invading their space.


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