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E3 2012: Sony’s Move controlled racing wheel

Among all the great looking games that we’ve seen at E3 so far, here’s something that might help enhance your gaming experience, specifically your racing game experience. There are always lots of third party racing wheels out there, but this is the first official Sony Playstation Move racing wheel.

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Sony admits that Playstation Move has been sort of a dud

The Nintendo Wii has done very well and the Xbox Kinect is hanging in there, but the Playstation Move? It’s… well… it’s been a bit of a dud, and finally Sony is owning up to it.

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Sony is bringing the Playstation Move to the PC

The Playstation Move has done fairly well for the PS3 and now Sony is hoping to um… move… the technology to the PC. The details aren’t well known at this point, but it sounds like that Sony’s taking the momentum of Kinect hacking and bringing it to the PC by giving developers, from amateur to pro, the tools to develop Move-enabled games via something called the Move Server project.

They’ll be revealing the specifics of the Move Server project at this year’s Game Developer’s Conference, so stay tuned.


E3: The Sony PS3 / Sony Move Roundup: Killzone, Twisted Metal, Final Fantasy

Yesterday, Nintendo killed, with presentations of the 3DS and a shitload of great-looking games, but lest we forget, there was also a big Sony presentation yesterday as well, where they officially unveiled the Playstation Move and showed off a lot of brand new trailers.

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