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Sony probably will be ditching the DualShock controller for the PS4

What with all the money that Sony has spent defending its use of the DualShock controller technology, you’d think they’d want to hang onto it as long as possible. But all things must end, and with a move to focus more on motion control and touchscreen control, it is possible that the rumor is true that there will be no more DualShock controller once the Playstation 4 comes out in favor of something that uses touch technology and a screen, similar to the PS Vita.

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How’d you like to win a PS3 from BeefJack?

The videogame site I write for is giving away a free PS3 plus a $150 SEN voucher to someone in NA. This is not an IHC giveaway, but hell, it’s a chance to win a PS3 plus $150.


Quantic Dreams breaks new ground in motion capture, robot nudity

Heavy Rain developers Quantic Dreams showed off their new motion capture technology at this year’s Game Developer’s Conference using actress Valerie Curry to create this neat tech demo short film.

At the heart of the video though is Quantic’s new motion capture technology, that seeks to record an actor’s entire performance in one go. Even recent titles that touted their motion capture, like LA Noire, still required separate acting sessions: one for body motion and another for facial and voice acting. Having an actor pantomime their facial expressions for actions that they aren’t actually performing isn’t always going to look quite right once it’s matched to a body.


Virtual reality may be making a comeback on the PS3

Nintendo tried (poorly) at virtual reality with the Virtual Boy, and at some point in the 90s, everyone thought that virtual reality was the next future thing that would take hold at aaaaany moment now, it never really caught on for a variety of reasons. But at this year’s CES, Sony showed off some fancy new VR goggles and hinted that they may end up attached to the PS3 at some point.

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Hackers say that Anonymous are likely behind the Sony PSN attacks

When the Sony Playstation Network was first hacked, it appeared that it may have been a large international hacker ring, possibly looking to take advantage of the processing power of PS3s to possibly create a massive spam machine. Some suspected that it could be Anonymous behind the attack, but Anonymous flat out denied it. But two Anonymous hackers have now come forward saying that Anon was behind it.

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Some PSN services could come back online this week, plus freebies

Sony was embarrassed by a sophisticated hacker network infiltrating and taking down the PSN last week, and it looks like that most PSN and Qriocity services will resume next week, and according to the Sony press release, they’ll be giving away a number of freebies to try and smooth over the lengthy outage.

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Did PlayStation Network hackers plan a supercomputer botnet?

When the Playstation Network was hacked last week, and the reason it’s still down is that the breech didn’t come from just a couple of hacker wannabe script monkeys— it was a highly coordinated, highly advanced attack on the entire PSN network system that’s forcing Sony to rebuild its network to even higher security standards.

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