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Way over thinking it: My Little Pony vs. Plato’s Republic

You may think at first that My Little Pony has very little in common with the ancient Greek philosopher Plato, but apparently you’d be wrong. It’s actually a brightly colored allegory that well represents the ideals put forth in Plato’s ‘Republic’.

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The precursor of today’s social media was PLATO from the 1970s

These days, we’re saturated in social media, from Facebook to LinkedIn, Twitter, Foursquare and all in our video games and in the daily news. The origins of all this connectivity started in the 1970s with PLATO, based on a device invented in the 60s to handle the influx of students taking advantage of the GI Bill after WWII.

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An animated version of Plato’s Cave, narrated by Orson Welles

The soothing baritone of Orson Welles brings Plato’s ancient story of The Cave to life in this animated short from 1973.


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