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Just because you’re a plastic surgeon, it’s still really weird if you do your teenage daughter’s boob job

Dr. Michael Niccole is a plastic surgeon, which is fine and all, but according to the latest episode of 20/20, he enjoys giving his kids various plastic surgery procedures, including having done his 18 year old daughter’s boob job for her birthday. Okay, that’s a little weird, though it is some quality father-daughter bonding time.

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If a back-alley tranny offers to inject cement into your ass cheeks, just say no

Some people are desperate to get bigger butts and more curves, but no matter how desperate you are, going to a transsexual woman in some dark room so she can inject a mixture of cement and god-knows-what-else into your ass cheeks is never a good idea. 

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Mom that’s practically made out of plastic surgery gives her 7 yr old daughter a $9800 boob job voucher

Fifty year old Brit Sarah Burge, who answers to “The Human Barbie” after spending over $800,000 on plastic surgery delighted her seven year old daughter on her birthday with a $9800 voucher for a boob job when she gets older. Fuck it, just go ahead and do it now. Why not? Might as well get her body acclimated to being mostly plastic and silicone.

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Nose jobs have been around since the 16th century

We think of plastic surgery as a pretty modern concept, and for the most part it is. Hundreds of years ago, surgery was often just as dangerous as whatever it was that you did to cause the surgery, and so the idea of risking your life from runaway infection for something elective and cosmetic would have just been retarded. But for those with the time and the money in the 16th century, you could get a nose job. And it did take a lot of time.

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Weird-looking Celebs after Plastic Surgery

These celebrities have overdone it, they are so obsessed with their looks that after numerous aesthetic surgeries they look like they have come out from a silly cartoon. 


And so this is how the world ends. Not with a bang, but with a reality show combining brides and extreme plastic surgery

At some point, we either have to reach the end of shit that can possibly be created for reality TV or we, as a civilization will just chop our own head off with a chainsaw. If a show coming out next year on E! is any indication, it will be the latter. “Bridalplasty” will combine all the fun of OCD bridezillas with the unspeakable horrors of women who think having the entire front part of their skull reconstructed to look like Elizabeth Taylor is a good idea.

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