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IHC After Dark: Cody the shih tzu screams whenever his name is called

Jesus H. Christ, make it stop.


Watch as dogs are totally baffled by magic tricks


IHC After Dark: Things cats do that would be creepy if people did them

Everybody loves cats! But what happens, if YOU adopted their habits? Turns out it would be very very creepy! 

New book says that cats are only domesticated because they want to. Every cat owner knows that.

According to Dr. John Bradshaw’s new book, “Cat Sense,” your feline friend likely thinks of you not as a parent, but as “a larger, non-hostile cat.”

Bradshaw, a biologist at the England’s University of Bristol, has studied cat behavior for 30 years, and his book offers new insights into the ways cats interact with humans.

The starting point of his analysis is that cats are basically still wild animals.

Unlike dogs, which have been bred for specific purposes, cats essentially domesticated themselves.

Read the story here

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