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And now, here’s Pearl Jam doing a cover of Frozen’s “Let it Go” at a show in Italy

First it took over Tumblr, now Pearl Jam is doing a cover version. Where was Pearl Jam with “Hakuna Matata” back in the 90s? Huh?

Afternoon music: Chilean guy does a dead-perfect Eddie Vedder

There are lots of people who have been accused of trying to sound like Eddie Vedder over the years, but this guy, on the Chilean show “Mi Nombre Es” fucking nails it. Better than the fake Freddie Mercury? Freddie or Eddie?

Submitted by Dr_WaK

Morning music videos: Eddie Vedder “Longing to Belong”

It’s been quite some time since I’ve heard anything by Pearl Jam or Eddie Vedder that really struck me, but with this first single from Vedder’s second solo album Ukulele Songs, I found myself surprisingly impressed. Yeah, with the suit and the uke, he looks like he’s been living with REM, but I think it works for him.


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