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There is a Peanuts movie on the way, from the same folks who brought you ‘Rio’.

Charles Schulz’s son will be a producer on the project. 

Saturday morning cartoons: Charlie Brown as Louis CK

From Fox’s ADHD, here’s what the show Louie would look like with Charlie Brown and his crew.

Peanuts mixed with HP Lovecraft make for an unholy marriage

Artist Julien Baznet I guess was just sitting around one thinking “What if Charles Schulz did Lovecraft?” And the result is this charming look into the maw of evil.

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Saturday morning cartoons: The Peanuts GOP debate

Jimmy Kimmel took animation from “You’re Not Elected, Charlie Brown” and combined it with audio from some of the GOP debates. Linus as Herman Cain ftw.

John Carpenter turns Charlie Brown into a horror film

John Carpenter took the cast of MTV’s Teen Wolf (Don’t get me started) and put them into the reboot we have all been waiting for, The updated Peanuts Halloween Special – Charlie Brown: Blockhead’s Revenge.


Saturday morning cartoons: “You’re entering puberty, Charlie Brown!”

What happens when Charlie Brown starts to experience the signs of puberty? His world will never be the same again.

Watch Charles Schulz draw and talk about Charlie Brown

Charles “Sparky” Schulz talks about Charlie Brown as he draws him playing the piano in this official video clip from the never released documentary, “A Boy Named Charlie Brown.”


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