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And now, here’s Patrick Stewart delivering a somber monologue about, and dressed as China’s dying Jade Rabbit moon rover

Part of the larger segment of The Daily Show piece on Jade Rabbit, skip to about five minutes if you want to get straight to Patrick Stewart’s bit of dramatic genius.

Ian McKellan will be marrying Patrick Stewart

And by “marrying”, I mean that Sir Ian McKellan will be officiating the wedding between Sir Patrick Stewart and Picard’s love lady friend, Sunny Ozell.

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Both Ian McKellan and Patrick Stewart are confirmed for the next X-Men movie. Hooray!

A few months ago, Patrick Stewart confirmed he would be on board for the next X-Men movie subtitled ‘Days of Future Past’, and now it looks like Ian McKellan is also officially on board. They will be playing the “older” versions of Magneto and Xavier in some flash forward capacity that will bridge the gap between the first set an the second set of X-Men films.


Patrick Stewart will be coming back to the role of Professor X

James McAvoy is cool and all as a young Charles Xavier in ‘X-Men: First Class’, but it would be nice to see Patrick Stewart back in the chair one more time. And in the next X-Men movie, subtitled ‘Days of Future Past’, it looks like he will be returning.

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