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Polish people have an American themed house party, pretty much nail it

So this group of college age friends in Poland decide they want to have an American-themed house party… there were flags and red plastic cups and fruit soda mixed with vodka and football jerseys and beer bongs and duckface pictures… yup. America, this is us.

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IHC After Dark: How long can your watch this Brony rave?

There is not enough ecstasy in the world to make this rave bearable.

IHC After Dark: Saturday night seizure rave

I’ll have 2 of whatever shes having…

Vice takes a look at Spring Break partying in Panama City Beach, Florida

An overview of the 8 week period of Spring Break in Panama City Beach, Florida, when hundreds of thousands of students take over the usually sleepy beach town. We talk to the mayor, the chief of police, the owner of the largest club in the United States, and an evangelical street preacher who protests spring breakers with a bullhorn at the beach and says that “Spring Break is just another excuse for people to sin.”

Snoop Dogg’s party at the Playboy Mansion, animated

VICE and Project X’s Party Legends present animated versions of wild memories by Snoop Dogg. And yeah, it’s sort of NSFW-ish for language.


IHC After Dark: Warehouse rave from the 90s

Doncaster warehouse E freaks - MDMA is a hell of a drug!

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