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Dad turns his son into a superhero with the magic of special effects

Oh, it’s not just this one video… dude’s got a whole channel of this shit and it’s pretty incredible and you’d better watch all of them.

Dad calls cops on son to teach him a lesson, cops accidentally shoot son dead

After an argument over cigarettes, James Comstock’s son Tyler stormed out of the house and took his dad’s truck. Dad calls the cops on the son to try and teach him a lesson. An hour later, Des Moines police officers unload six rounds into the truck after stopping it and Tyler is dead. I know sometimes there’s scary shit out there, but seriously cops wtf?

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Coolest astronaut mom ever makes a stuffed dinosaur toy for her son while in space

Your mom may be cool and all, but she’s not ISS astronaut cool. She’s certainly not “make you a stuffed dinosaur toy in space” cool like Karen Nyberg, who made the above dino toy for her son while floating around in near zero g.

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IHC After Dark nightmare fuel: Dad tests out slow motion video on his new iPhone

Some dad got an iPhone 5S and sent his son this test video of the 5S’s new slow motion video feature. Make it stop.


Yenski’s wife’s boob makes the news  (Covered by his son’s head while she breast feeds.)

Wife was on local, and later national news last week; finally got around to seeing the video.  They cut her interview out, but in the final seconds you can see my son’s face as the cutaway shot.


Drifters Plan for “Dolphin Assisted” Childbirth


It’s not like they’re having one act as a midwife, but it seems pretty crazy to have your baby and then jump into a pool with an animal experts warn menstruating women to avoid because it is liable to attack. 

At the Sirius Institute near Pahoa, Hawaii, they will engage in prenatal and postnatal swims with a pod of dolphins while staying with the institute’s founder…

“It is about reconnecting as humans with the dolphins so we can coexist in this world together and learn from one another.”

Read more about these wonderful specimens of human gullibly here.

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