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University of Tokyo turns real paper and ink into a display, could share doodles from a distance

Technology has brought us screens that looks like paper, but the University of Tokyo has invented paper that acts like a screen. Writing or doodling on this magic future paper is just like drawing on a touchscreen, letting your share your thoughts at a distance in an instant.

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The original trailer for Prometheus, made out of paper

Created by Travis Betz, this might be the scariest paper sci-fi trailer you’ll see today.

The peculiar physics of crumpled up paper

Paper is a cool thing. It starts off as a flat plane with a geometry simple enough for anyone to figure out, but when you crumple it, it becomes a shape that baffles even the world’s most sophisticated computers. 

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Dundler Mifflin paper is now a real thing you can buy

The American version of The Office has been going for I don’t know… a lot of seasons now, so it’s surprising that it took this long for some sort of Dunder-Mifflin brand paper to go on sale, but here it is. You can now buy boxes of Dunder-Mifflin branded copy paper from through January for all your copying needs.

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Mind-bendingly awesome transforming paper thing

With just a couple strips of paper, some scissors and some tape, you can make an awesome transforming paper toy. 

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