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Pokémon Panties: Because I Didn’t Already Have Enough Weird Geeky Fetishes

Ladies (or dudes, I guess), wrap your tushies in these Poképanties available in Charmander, Squirtle, Bulbasaur, and Pikachu styles from Etsy seller MakersWay.

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Bicycle Panties Make Biking Easier on Sensitive Ladybits (video)

Urbanist Cycling just rolled out their new padded bicycle panties on Kickstarter - and it’s such a good idea I can’t believe it’s not already a thing. Also: panties. Enjoy!

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Check out the trailer for ‘Hentai Kamen’, a Japanese movie about a superhero who wears panties on his face

Son, you got a panty on your head.

600 year old bra and panties discovered in Europe, a century before it was thought the bra was invented

By all accounts of lingerie historians, the bra was invented 500 years ago. So it was surprising for archaeologists to find a set of intact linen lingerie, both bra and panties, from a 600 year old castle in Austria. 

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Sexy Etsy things of the day: Nerdy panties

This entire set are panties made by Etsier BunnyJump and they’re $23 a pair. I think I might have to give out a prize for the first IHCette to send in a photo of these being modeled. 

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