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Saturday morning cartoons: PacMan Claymation Musical

Pac-Man’s ghost nemeses: Blinky, Inky, Pinky, and Clyde still have it in for the big yellow dot-eating ball in this claymation musical number. But this time, they’re revealed to be culinary chefs eager to concoct a feast out of their favorite comfort food. All Pac-Man wanted was a couple of dots! How will he escape the kitchen maze? 

Awesome video game mashups that don’t exist: The Legend of Pac-Man

Link is on a different kind of mission…

Fan film of the day: Pac-Man, the big budget action thriller

Pac-Man fan-made movie trailer is way cooler that you could expect.

Keep your power pellets in place with this Pac Man bra
And it’s glow in the dark for easy groping.
Only $29.99 on Etsy

Keep your power pellets in place with this Pac Man bra

And it’s glow in the dark for easy groping.

Only $29.99 on Etsy


Check out a young Christian Bale in a commercial for Pac Man cereal from the 1980s

Can you spot Mr. Bale in the commercial? I’ll give you a hint: He’s not either one of the girls or the black kid.


Video game fan film of the day: Pac-Man in Real Life

When you start chasing power pellets down the sidewalk that absorb into your chest… you know the acid’s really kicking in.

Friday timewaster: The world’s biggest game of Pac-Man

As you might tell from the name, “The World’s Biggest Pac-Man” is in fact, as far as my scientific analysis can tell, the world’s largest game of Pac-Man. Instead of just one Pac-Man board, The World’s Biggest has dozens— no hundreds— no millions! of user-created Pac-Man boards all linked together with more added every minute. From the pretty normal to the insanely difficult to the penis-shaped, there’s enough wakka-wakka-wakka here to keep you busy for a while.


Submitted by Eypisod

Merv Griffin is developing a reality series based on Pac Man. Why, gods why?

We already know that Hollywood ran out of ideas a long time ago, but it looks like that television is starting to scrape the bottom of the barrel as well. Merv Griffin apparently announced that he’s developing a reality show somehow based on Pac Man. Maybe this means that the reality show is in its quivering death throes. God I hope so.

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Break out the LSD, Pac Man Championship Edition DX coming to XBLA tomorrow

I’m surprised that it took this long to make a decent 2D update to Pac Man. Here we are in an age of a zillion casual games and until now, no one has taken modern casual gameplay mechanics to Pac Man. Pac Man Championship Edition DX looks like a hell of a lot of fun— possibly one of the best looking Pac Man games ever. Yes, I said ever. 


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