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I’m excited to share this unboxing photoset of the indie video game console Ouya. As a backer I got my hands on an early console prior to the scheduled retail launch later this summer. 

Ouya comes with everything you need for easy setup: 

- an Ouya console
- one wireless controller (with batteries)
- cables for setup (power and HDMI)

The console box itself has the etched Angel List that includes the names of the $10,000 tier backers and their place amongst the 63,416 backers who helped bring Ouya to market.

The controller has the heft and feel of a traditional console controller. The touchpad area works well; although I’ve only really used it for moving an onscreen cursor.

The only out of place thing to mention is the included booklet doesn’t have setup instructions or include any type of user manual; it’s just a safety guidelines and information booklet.   

Now I’m off to starting playing around with this new console and see what all it has to offer. Stay tuned for my impressions post coming soon on the Ouya. Meanwhile I’m counting the days until I can play Airtight Games’ Soul Fjord.

If you’re interested in picking one up, you can pre-order them direct from Ouya’s online store or online at Amazon right here. The retail release date for the Ouya is June 25.

Hands on with the Android-powered Ouya console

The backer units of the Ouya console have shipped and if you’re curious about this little Kickstarter funded Android powered machine, Engadget has a hands on. Ouya goes on sale for everyone in July for just $99, so if you want to see what this thing can do, head on over to Engadget for a bit. Just as long as you promise to come back.

Ouya will release a new, updated console every year

Ouya, the Android-powered home game console that took fire on Kickstarter last year will be shipping to brick-and-mortar stores in June. And today, Ouya announced that much like mobile phones, there will be a new model each year… unlike traditional game consoles that update hardware only every few years at the least.

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Ouya development kits going out, this thing is really gonna happen

Around the middle of last year, the Android-based Ouya standalone game console raised a whopping $8.5 million in Kickstarter funding, and this past week, development kits went out earlier than expected, giving game developers a head start in developing titles for the new console. 

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The Ouya game console reached its fundraising goal, now time to see if it can deliver

The Ouya Android game console raised a whopping $8.5 million on Kickstarter, with a starting goal of only $900,000. It’s excited investors and gamers alike, and now it’s time to see if the tiny silver box of joy can deliver.

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Things the world needs: This $99 hackable Android console

Right now, this is just a startup, but it’s a damn good idea. With a case designed by Yves Behar, this beautiful little box called the Ouya would be a $99 fully open source and hackable game console. You connect it to your TV and suddenly you have all your Android games, apps and utilities on a big screen in your living room.

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