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And this year’s Oscar nominees are…

This year’s class of Oscar nominees was announced this morning in Hollywood, and with American Hustle and Gravity leading the pack, the nominations don’t look all that different than the Golden Globes or BAFTAs. No nomination for Pixar and Monsters University, and no Best Actor nominations for Tom Hanks or Robert Redford. Not like any of those three are short on their awards shelf, but Hanks in Captain Philips and Redford in All Is Lost both gave performances many critics called the best of already distinguished careers.

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Hey look, it’s the 2013 Oscar nominations!


So last night, when I gave you the list of the Razzie Award nominees and said that the Oscar nominations were coming out later this month, what I meant was today. Obviously. So, without further ado, here are your 2013 Oscar nominations…

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And this year’s Oscar host will be… Seth MacFarlane

The MPAA announced today that the host for this year’s Oscars will be Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane. He did a pretty decent job of hosting the season opener of SNL this year, and at least it’s not Billy Crystal. Again.


Website predicts major Oscar winners for the next five years

People like to predict Oscar winners right before awards season and right before the nominations come out. But one big internet brain has tasked himself with predicting several of the main Oscar winners for the next five years based on movies that are already known to be in production.

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Daily Discussion: IHC’s Oscar watching thread. Who do you think will win?

The Oscars start at 7:30pm EST, which is half an hour from the time of this posting. I rarely agree with the Oscar nominees or the winners, but I still like to watch the whole stupid dog and pony show. Feel free to follow along in this thread, make your predictions etc. 

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Oscar nominations announced, a bunch of movies you’ve never seen

This year’s Oscar nominations were announced this morning in LA. The films The Artist, The Descendants, Moneyball and Hugo were nominated in quite a few categories. Check out the entire list below and let’s hear your opinion on any of these movies you’ve seen.

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