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Grumpy Nyan Cat will destroy everything you love

Say goodbye to 2012, say goodbye to everything.

Schr√∂dinger’s Nyan Cat: Is it alive or dead?

I guess a sufficient enough amount of time has passed since the last Nyan Cat thing we’ve posted for another one. Plus, this is science, so that makes it worth quite a lot.


Destroy your opponents in Unreal Tournament 3 in the most annoying way possible… with Nyan Cat

Fully customized with theme music and distinctive rainbow trail, the Nyan Cat missile can be player-navigated to take out even the most capable of enemies. Sure, you can hear it and see it coming from a mile away, but that just adds to the shame when you get killed by it.

You can download the mod here at the Epic Games forums


Cat watching Nyan cat. Or is Nyan cat watching the cat?

I figured this would be a nice Caturday video :)

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