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Even the NRA thinks you’re an idiot if you go into Chili’s waving your AR-15 around because America

While the Second Amendment, the one that guarantees an American’s right to bear arms, isn’t going anywhere ever, even the NRA, which at times has seemed unreasonable, agrees that trying to flex your Second Amendment rights by walking en masse into chain restaurants waving assault rifles around is just a good way to piss off everybody. The whole thing is mainly being carried out by a group called Open Carry Texas, which has encouraged people to let everyone know what country this is (Somalia?) by showing up at chain restaurants like Chili’s brazenly carrying loaded hunting rifles and assault rifles. Problem is that with what seems like a mass shooting a week in this country, it’s not like people don’t know the Second Amendment exists— all they know is they’re trying to have dinner with their family and someone or multiple someones just walked in holding an AR-15. I would even argue that this kind of open carry isn’t just “un-neighborly” as the NRA puts it, but is contrary its own intention. Because if you think you’re going to stop a mass shooting by being the guy with a rifle in Burger King, the chances are more likely that if an armed robbery occurs while you’re in there eating your Whopper, guess who’s gonna be the first to get a bullet in the head? 

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During the NRA’s big press conference today, they blamed everything but guns and easy access to guns for the Sandy Hook massacre

After going offline and silent for several days after the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary, the NRA today held a press conference. In the presser, they blamed everything but easy access to firearms including semi automatic assault rifles for the shootings. Video games, the media, Obama, a lack of teachers with guns, hurricanes, celebrities, sports, movies, music videos and foreign aid.

Seriously. Read the whole thing here.

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