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More E3 trailers: Devil’s Third for the Wii U isn’t your typical Nintendo game

Created by Tomonobu Itagaki, creator of Ninja Gaiden, Devil’s Third has been in development hell for a few years before finding a home on the Wii U. And with this one game alone, Nintendo starts to shed the colorful kiddie games only vibe they purposely have cultivated since the Gamecube.

More E3 goodness: Check out the trailer for ‘Zelda’ for the Wii U

Yes, not “Legend of Zelda”, just “Zelda”. Wow, this looks like the beginning of something really awesome.

By the way, not to get you overly excited or anything, but EARTHBOUND IS NOW AVAILABLE FOR THE WII U

If you have a Wii U and you fondly remember EarthBound, you can download it right now from the Wii U eShop. Do it. The fate of the world depends on you.


E3 2013: Princess Peach finally a playable character again in Super Mario 3D World for Wii U

It’s hard to believe that of the hundreds of Mario titles that have come out since the 1980s, Mario himself is almost always the only playable character. Luigi has had his moments and in offshoot titles like Mario Tennis or Golf or whatever-the-shit, you can play as Peach or Toad or Wario or Bowser, but as far as the main line of platformers themselves, it’s always Mario and sometimes Luigi. Finally in the upcoming Super Mario 3D World for Wii U, players will be able to play as Princess Peach for the first time since Super Mario Bros in 1988. 

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E3 2013: Super Smash Bros coming to the 3DS and Wii U this fall

Today is Nintendo’s day to try and leave an impression on gamers and they’ve started out with the announcement that the popular Super Smash Bros will be coming to not just the Wii U this fall, but the 3DS. And with the new editions, there will be two new characters added to the fighting roster— the Villager from Animal Crossing and Megaman. OH FUCK YES MEGAMAN. Now if there was any other decent reason to buy a Wii U, I might consider it.


Nintendo only sold about 50,000 Wii Us in January

Nintendo’s latest console, the Wii U hasn’t exactly been setting the world on fire since its launch. How bad has it been for the Wii U? Estimates show that Nintendo only pushed around 50,000 consoles in the US during the entire month of January. That’s it.

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Nintendo is remaking Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker for the Wii U

Remaking Ocarina of Time for the 3DS worked out pretty well for Nintendo, so for the Wii U, they’re hard at work giving Wind Waker a full modern HD makeover. Wind Waker will be out this fall, and Nintendo promises they’re working on a new Zelda game, but they don’t have a date when it’ll be completed.


Major Wii U titles won’t be hitting shelves until sometime later this year


I’m not entirely sure what the hell is wrong with Nintendo the last several years. They launched the 3DS with very few games and not a single best-selling first party title came out until a year later and only now we’re just hearing about a Pokemon 3DS game. They launched the Wii U, but the only launch titles were a few crappy games and some rehashed Xbox/PS3 games. And it won’t be until sometime later this year that Nintendo will be launching some of the first person franchises people buy Nintendos for.

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Robbaz gets his hands on Scribblenauts Unlimited for the Wii U

And yes, it involves walruses. And pizza. And dancing. Oh, good times were had.

Submitted by Delsyd

Talking Consoles React to Wii U

All the old Nintendo consoles are so excited about getting a new addition to the family

And now, here’s a boring 14 minute video about the new features of the Wii U

With the Wii U, Nintendo is finally making a console that has a lot of built in non-game entertainment features. And so show off these great new features, they released a fourteen minute video that is informative if you can get past the fact that it’s bone dry fucking boring as hell.


Check out the lovely world maps in New Super Mario Bros Wii U

Even though it would be nice for Nintendo to branch out to new franchises, I admit I’m always a sucker for Super Mario games, all one zillion of them. I like the art, I like the goofy little stories and the challenge, and the maps. Ah, maps.


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