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More E3 trailers: Devil’s Third for the Wii U isn’t your typical Nintendo game

Created by Tomonobu Itagaki, creator of Ninja Gaiden, Devil’s Third has been in development hell for a few years before finding a home on the Wii U. And with this one game alone, Nintendo starts to shed the colorful kiddie games only vibe they purposely have cultivated since the Gamecube.

On this 30th birthday of Tetris, let us not forget when Steve Wozniak was the supreme Tetris champion of the world

30 years ago today, the first version of Tetris was released, and it wasn’t long before it took off massively, becoming a major selling point for the NES and later for the Game Boy, which came packaged with the game. And when Tetris for Game Boy was the hottest thing around, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak was so good, he sat permanently atop Nintendo Power’s list of top Tetris scores, to the point where he had to start making up fake names for them to even take his new high scores, because they were tired of seeing him dominate everyone else forever.

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Nintendo introducing NFC figurine platform for Wii U and 3DS

With 3 straight years of massive losses, it’s become common to start comparing Nintendo to Sega, as Sega’s once mighty console business circled the drain. Seeing their youth market quickly siphoned away by smartphone and tablet games, Nintendo has to do something, and that something is to leverage their popular and iconic first party characters into an NFC figurine game— Skylanders has made bazillions doing it, Disney is doing it, and it could be one of the best decisions Nintendo has made in a while.

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20 hour Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time playthrough for charity

Hi IHC, a friend of mine is streaming a one-sitting playthrough of Ocarina Of Time on N64 for Child’s Play charity. I’ll be guest commentating at some point during the day and would love it if you could spare any cash. The link for the stream is and the link for donations is

(Links go live at 10am GMT/ 2am PST on Saturday 19th.)


"Vantage", LEGO Game Boy Advance Transformer by Baron von Brunk. Check out the tutorial on Instructables to build your own!

At last, the next LEGOformer in my most popular series — Vantage, a powerful robot that transforms into a Nintendo Game Boy Advance, armed with battery blasters and parody “Boom” automatic shotgun! With a basic design much akin to my Game Boy robot Domaster, along with a refined transformation cycle similar to that of my Game Gear robot Gearhead, this new figure is very sturdy and well-articulated. My previous LEGOformers were built “organically”, as in I’d compile a ton of relevant pieces and build the robot via trial and error — whilst this particular one was my first to be almost entirely designed on the computer with LEGO Digital Designer before being physically built and tested. That being said, the 3D instructional guide was released simultaneously. What was the most challenging part? That Boom shotgun: I spent several days trying to make one that looks like an actual gun as well as having the ability to be held by the robot as a weapon. I chose Doom since that was my favorite GBA game I played in high school back in 2002. My second favorite GBA game was Namco Museum!

-Baron von Brunk

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