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Live in New York? Need a condom? Get it delivered.

Not that it’s terribly difficult to pop into one of the million corner stores and tiny groceries in NYC to grab some condoms if you’re hitting the bars for some action, but if you do happen to find yourself in a situation where you desperately need a condom but don’t have one and you’re in the City, a new service will deliver a pack to you within an hour. Because that’s totally not a mood killer when it would take five minutes to swing in somewhere and grab some when you’re “getting more beer” or whatever. But if you do like to have your condoms hand delivered, you’re in luck.

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NYC finally gets the first of those interactive touchscreen subway maps

The New York City subway system isn’t the most confusing thing in the world, but trains don’t stop if you’re confused, and if you’re new to the city or visiting, standing in front if those worn out and faded paper maps to figure out which lines you should take can be frustrating. Promised a year ago, the future of subway navigation is finally in NYC. First installed at Grand Central station with rollouts to other stops based on passenger volume, the new giant touchscreens will tell you exactly how to get where you’re going and if there are any delays etc.

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Banksy was anonymously selling art on a New York street and no one noticed

It wasn’t Banksy himself manning the stall, but according to Banksy’s website, the old man in the little stall was selling authentic original Banksy works for a mere $60 each, well under their probable resale value. Only a few pieces were sold, but it’s fair to assume that even if people walking by knew Banksy is hanging out in NYC this week, they probably assumed the old guy was simply trying to profit on the artist being in town by selling cheap prints. Because people in NYC generally are able to profit on anything at a moment’s notice

Banksy’s official NYC website

New York installs “texting zones” alongside its highways

Nobody likes texting and driving except when you’re the one doing it. Knowing that it’s dangerous, and knowing that people are going to do it anyway, especially in a state as amped up as New York, the state has recently started installing “texting zones” along the side of its highways, to give busy and antsy people plenty of places to pull over and send their text messages before they accidentally careen off a bridge into a bus full of school children because “lol :)” can’t wait one damn minute.

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Street Art put up this morning in the East Village, NYC. Yeah, I know it’s blocking a signal, but New Yorkers don’t look at them anyway/

Street Art put up this morning in the East Village, NYC. Yeah, I know it’s blocking a signal, but New Yorkers don’t look at them anyway/

Secluded Prison Fortress For Sale, Just $390K

35 miles from Syracuse, New York, nestled in over 90,000 acres of secluded, state-preserved forest, you’ll find the Camp Georgetown Correctional Facility. In its heyday, it held 262 prisoners. Today, this isolated, self-sufficient, ultimate apocalypse survival fortress is for sale … and, for just $390,000, it could be yours.

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Lewis Black responds to Texas with the “Don’t Fuck With New York” campaign

In response to Texas governor Rick Perry putting out radio ads across the country to try and get businesses to move to the Lone Star State, Lewis Black launches his own anti-Texas campaign. It’s truly a thing of beauty.

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Color footage from New York City, 1939

There’s something amazing about how much more alive old photos and film look when they’re in color as opposed to black and white. Despite the cars and fashions, this looks like it could have been filmed yesterday. More or less.

This giant smartphone touchscreen thing could be the future of NYC payphones

Pay phones are nearly dead breed, because who doesn’t have a phone in their pocket or quick access to one? But instead of getting rid of all the old pay phones, NYC is redesigning many of them to be 21st century hubs of information. The above picture is an illustration of the winning design of the NYC Payphone Design Challenge. Called “NYFi”, it’s a large touchscreen where people can not only make calls, request information, get directions and even get new MetroCards.

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And now, here’s a saxophone battle on the NYC subway

Because it’s just not a real subway ride without battling saxophones.

New York introduces a new driver’s license it says is impossible to forge

Saying something like a driver’s license is impossible to forge is sort of a bold statement, but New York’s new licenses certainly won’t make it easy. not like the old paper laminated ones that many states used to have that made license forgery a breeze.

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NYC to install touchscreen subway kiosks with real time schedules, routes and alerts

Unless you’re a NYC native, the New York subway system can be a little confusing. Not daunting, but if you’re not used to the city, expect yourself to be crowded around an old paper subway map, trying to figure out where you are and where you need to go. In the near future, even complete out of town idiots will be able to easily navigate the subway with the help of real time touch screen kiosks. It tells you where you are, you tap where you want to go and voila!

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NYC MTA releases app to let you track train times in real time

If you live in New York or are planning a trip to New York, a good MTA subway app can be a good starting place for getting to where you need to go like a pro. Now the MTA has released its own iPhone app that lets you track train departures and arrivals in real time before you buy your ticket.

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Evening moment of zen: “ODD NY”

They are unique views of New York City which incorporate a combination of animation, special effects, and live action footage.

Chapter 1: Mapping

Mapping” is the first installment of a series of shorts entitled “ODD NY”. The story follows ODD executive creative director Gary Breslin as he guides us through the surreal and dream-like visions of the city he lives in.
“Mapping” shows us the familiar and iconic map of lower Manhattan as it expands, splits, re-groups and forms an entirely new topography. It’s the downtown that Breslin knows, where his stomping grounds all fit together seamlessly while other less inviting hoods like Times Sq and Wall St are pushed to the margins.

Chapter 2: Luminous City

This chapter focuses on the illuminated windows at night which construct the NYC skyline and give it depth, dimension and life.
“Luminous City” constantly challenges your perception using these individual windows to define an architecture built of lights.  
But all the lights….are people lives.

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