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And now is the time when we watch members of the Dutch girl band ADAM try to sing while having orgasms

Because isn’t that what music is all about?

Glow in the dark highways make their debut in the Netherlands

Yeah, reflectors marking the edges of the lanes are great and all, but this is the 21st century… why not take things to the next level and make the lane markers glow in the dark. And this is just the beginning— eventually Netherlands will have smart highways that display icons for road conditions, such as big blue snowflakes if the road is icy.

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IHC After Dark short films: “Closing Time”

A romantic short, set in the dark and rainy streets of Amsterdam, by Brian De Vore.

Justin Bieber thinks Anne Frank would have been a Belieber

While touring Europe, Justin Bieber stopped at the Anne Frank house in Amsterdam, and when he signed the visitor’s book, he mentioned that he thinks Anne Frank would have been a big Bieber fan, that is, if she weren’t blind and deaf.

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After 50 years and nearly half a million dicks, 70 year old twin prostitutes from Amsterdam are retiring

Twin sisters Louise and Martine Fokkens have been working as prostitutes in Amsterdam’s red light district for fifty years. Now 70 years old, the pair have decided it’s time to hang up their garters after receiving a combined estimated 355,000 dicks into their pasty orifices.

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Holland’s politically incorrect black-faced little Santa’s slave helper

Few European Christmas traditions elicit as many diverse and divergent opinions as Black Pete of the Netherlands. Santa’s former slave may have been whitewashed in recent years, but many still view him as a racist caricature from the country’s colonial past.

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Netherlands making highways smart with paint that alerts drivers of weather conditions

In mid 2013, highways in the Netherlands will be getting a sort of a smart makeover. By using high tech paint, the highways markers will be much more visible in the dark, and in case of ice or snow, the roads will alert drivers to these conditions, which is especially helpful for ice that may be hard to see otherwise.

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Never before seen Dutch documentary on the making of Empire Strikes Back

Well, not entirely never seen before… this video has been around on YouTube for some time, but it’s only been making its way around the internet in the past week. Before that, this Dutch documentary on the making of Empire was never released publicly, which explains why the video and audio quality is so shitty— this YouTube version might be the only version left.

And even though it’s Dutch, it’s only in Dutch for about the first 45 seconds or so and then switches to English. But with the crappy audio, it’s still sort of difficult and muddy, so put on headphones or something.

Part 2 is here


IHC After Dark: The rise of psychedelic mushrooms in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is known for its weed and its hookers, but psychedelic truffles have been gaining popularity quickly in the tiny country.

We need more gingers for the good of mankind? Apparently so.

In Breda, Netherlands, over 14,000 redheads from around the world gathered to celebrate redheadedness. So if you recently felt a strong disturbance in the force, it was because of the voodoo of having 14,000 gingers in one place at one time.

Watch the report here

Dutch guy finishes his full scale Noah’s ark, ready for the apocalypse

After having a dream that Holland flooded due to global warming, Dutch millionaire Johann Huibers started work on a full scale Noah’s ark, complete to biblical specifications. And now that he’s done, the craft is seaworthy, but it certainly doesn’t look big enough to fit 2 of every land animal.

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IHC After Dark: Wim de Bie “I Want to Fuck You”

All I can see are those ears. Those ears…


Private company wants to have a colony on Mars by 2023

It’s pretty ambitious, but a Dutch start-up wants to have a small human colony on Mars by 2023, which would be 10 years ahead of NASA’s schedule. How are they going to fund this $6 billion mission? By turning it into a reality show.

“To attract sponsors, we will create appealing media content around the selection of the astronauts, the training, unmanned missions and other topics,” said Mars One cofounder Bas Lansdorp.

The astronaut selection process — read: auditions — for the show will begin in 2012, and the competition will narrow the candidate pool from 40 down to 4 over a decade-long training process. Naturally, viewers will get a say in who gets “voted off” the space mission.


Artist turns his dead cat into a helicopter after it’s killed by a car. CATCOPTER

Losing a pet can be very sad, but it happens. And when life (some idiot not paying attention to where he’s driving) hits your cat and kills it, the best thing you can do at that point is turn your dead cat into a helicopter. At least that’s what artist Bart Jansen did with his cat, Orville.

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