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The trailer for the new season of Orange is the New Black promises next level crazy

Well, this specific trailer doesn’t, but this one specifically does. Watch both. 

Netflix purged some good movies yesterday but they also added a lot more


As happens every year, Netflix purged a bunch of movies at the beginning of the year, but they’ve also added lots of new ones that had never been available for streaming before. Movies like American Psycho, Raging Bull, Thelma and Louise, Bull Durham, Big Trouble in Little China and lots more. Don’t fret, you’ve still got thousands and thousands of movies for $8/month at your fingertips. Back in my day, we actually had to leave the house to rent movies.

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20 of the best movies on Netflix disappearing January 1st

Every year, as contracts and streaming agreements expire on January 1st, slews of movies and TV shows suddenly disappear from Netflix. Some return, some don’t, so if you want to know which are some of the best movies you should try and squeeze in before 2014, check out Gizmodo.

Marvel will be developing four live action superhero shows just for Netflix

Netflix has done quite well with its original programming already, but as a big shot in the arm, Marvel has announced it will be writing four brand new superhero shows just for the online TV and movie service. The heroes getting their own shows will be Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist and Daredevil. Aaaand DC still can’t get a damn Wonder Woman anything off the ground.

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What Netflix is doing to our movies and shows

Netflix has been sneaking in cropped versions of films sometimes cutting off a significant amount of the picture. There’s no reason for them to be giving these versions. At least without noting that it is not the original format. If you are a cinefile like I am you feel just as cheated missing out on portions of the action.

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Netflix drops the first trailer for the new season of Arrested Development

Thank you so much, Netflix. New season starts on May 26th.

Netflix releases a clip from the new season of Arrested Development

AD comes back May 26th, and here’s a new clip from the new series.

Netflix will soon be offering family streaming plans

Right now, Netflix restricts streaming on the same account to two devices at the same time to try and limit people sharing accounts. But for families, where parents and kids may frequently run into this limitation, Netflix will soon be rolling out family plans so that everyone can quietly watch their own shows on their own devices without interacting with each other on the same account.

The new plan will be $11.99 for streaming on up to four devices at once, and if you need more than that, perhaps you should get outside more often.


Netflix is now streaming Adventure Time, Regular Show, Robot Chicken and more

It was announced months ago that Netflix had struck a deal with Cartoon Network to stream some of its most popular shows and now that day is here. You can now stream shows like Adventure Time, Regular Show, Robot Chicken, Aqua Teen Hunger Force and The Boondocks from your PC, tablet or phone. Totally algebraic.

Check out this painful looking werewolf transformation from the upcoming series ‘Hemlock Grove’

Netflix will be debuting a new series this year called Hemlock Grove, and it’s a series about werewolves. At this year’s Wondercon, they showed off this clip of the main character turning into a werewolf and it looks pretty neat. 


For April Fool’s Day, Netflix now offers strangely specific viewing suggestions
Crossed arms? I love shows that feature promo photos of people crossing their arms looking serious.

For April Fool’s Day, Netflix now offers strangely specific viewing suggestions

Crossed arms? I love shows that feature promo photos of people crossing their arms looking serious.

Guy gets a Netflix tattoo, gets a year of Netflix free

It’s been years since the dot com tattoo bubble, where people were getting brands tattoos on their bodies for all kinds of consolation prizes. So this guy gets a Netflix tattoo, tweeted a picture of it and Netflix gives him a free year of Netflix. Easy peasy.

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Adult Swim and Cartoon Network shows are coming to Netflix streaming. THIS IS ALGEBRAIC!

Netflix scored another big streaming deal recently, bringing in a bunch of seasons of a bunch of shows from Cartoon Network and CN’s Adult Swim block. This includes all seasons of Adventure Time, Johnny Bravo, Ben 10 and Regular Show as well as Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Robot Chicken. Netflix also scored streaming rights for The Boondocks and Children’s Hospital. Guess I’ll wait a little longer to get cable again.


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