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Jawbone found in 1957 could be the first known remains of a Neanderthal/human hybrid

Scientists now know that mating and offspring did occur between humans in Neanderthals, but it looks like we now have tangible proof. Actually, we’ve had the proof in our possession since 1957, but we didn’t have the techniques and the genetic knowledge for someone to test the jawbone until now. And it looks like this old jawbone likely did come from a Neanderthal/human hybrid.

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Are you the adventurous type of woman who might want to carry a Neanderthal baby?


There’s a good possibility in the future that scientists may be able to bring Neanderthals back to life using the power of genetics, but in order for that to happen, it’s going to require a human woman to carry the Neanderthal in her womb. So if you think you have the uterine fortitude to carry a fetal hominid that’s several times stronger than a human being, you could be the Eve of the new Neanderthal.

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Who would win in a fistfight between a modern human and a Neanderthal?

Without a big advance in genetics technology, it’s not a fight that’s going to ever happen, but if it could— and it probably once did— who would win in a one-on-one weapons-free brawl between a Neanderthal and a Homo sapien? The Neanderthal has the definite weight and strength advantage, but humans have more endurance, are quicker and are smarter. It’s like a classic brains vs brawn comic book brawl…

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Neanderthal dental tartar reveals evidence of medicine

When you think of Neanderthals, yeah sure they had basic leather and fur clothing and some really basic tools, but medicine? Apparently so. New evidence from the dental tartar of Neanderthals shows they also had a basic knowledge of herbal medicine.

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So the good news is that the extinction of Neanderthals probably had nothing to do with us

For decades, it was thought that the arrival of Homo sapiens into Europe was directly responsible for the downfall of Neanderthals. Just look at a map of Homo sapien expansion vs Neanderthal population contraction and the two fit very neatly. But as it turns out, environmental factors had already caused the Neanderthal population to go into a drastic decline.

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The Neanderthal probably had high pitched nasally voices

For forever, just based on the squat, stoutness of the Neanderthal, it’s been unofficially guessed at that they had low, growling voices. But after studies of the shape of the Neanderthal voice box, throat and skeleton, it now appears that their voices were high pitched, nasally an very loud. In other words, something like this.


Sex with Neanderthals helped the human race by boosting our immune system

This used to be the height of sexy.

For decades, scientists debated on whether or not Homo sapiens had sex with Neanderthals, and at this point it seems pretty solid that we were knocking boots with our smaller brained, more muscular hominid relatives. But an upside to that Neanderthal sex was that it apparently boosted the human immune system, which isn’t surprising if you think about how nasty Neanderthal genitalia was.

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Ozzy Osbourne’s DNA reveals some Neanderthal lineage

Back in July, Ozzy Osbourne was one of a handful of people who submitted their DNA for full sequencing and the results are now in. It appears that perhaps one of the secrets to Ozzy’s heartiness is that he’s got some Neanderthal lineage.

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