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NBC pulls SNL’s hilarious Hugo Chavez eulogy song from the internets

A couple weeks ago, when Justin Timberlake made his fifth hosting appearance, he started the show by doing his best Elton John impersonation, singing a version of “Candle in the Wind” for recently deceased Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez. But then NBC started pulling the clip from not just YouTube, but Hulu and as well. Why? Because they’re all pinko commies.

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NBC reporter Richard Engel and crew freed from kidnapping in Syria

Several days ago, rumors began to spread that NBC reporter Richard Engel (above center), Turkish reporter Aziz Akyavas (above left) and NBC photographer John Kooistra (above right) were being held captive inside Syria. After denying the reports as to not inflate their value to the kidnappers and further complicate the situation, NBC reported last night that the three had been freed and were now safely in Turkey.

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MS pulls out of MSNBC, leaving only NBC News

When Microsoft and NBC teamed up 16 years ago, the resulting news outlet was focused on tech and business news. In recent years, there’s been less MS and more left-leaning as the network tries to be the fair and balanced answer to Fox News. And then today, Microsoft and NBC announced that MS is pulling out of MSNBC, leaving it only as NBC News.

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YouTube and NBC will livestream the entire 2012 Olympics for free

If you like hte Olympics, you’ll be glad to know that this year’s London Olympics won’t force you to pick and choose a few main events on television. Instead, YouTube and NBC will be partnering to bring you the entire games for free over the internet. Whether you want to watch shot put or synchronized swimming or judo, you’ll be able to watch all of it.

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Yes, Eddie, NBC does want to to a remake of The Munsters

According to Entertainment Weekly, Bryan Fuller (Pushing Daisies) is hard at work on a remake of The Munsters for NBC.

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