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Drones aren’t just for the sky anymore, as the US Navy starts testing missile-firing RC boats

Flying killer robots have fared quite well in combat in Afghanistan, and now the US Navy is testing the use of drone missile-firing boats, which should give Indian Ocean pirates a little something to chew on.

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Watch the US Navy set a small boat on fire with a laser

Remember a little while back when we told you about the US Navy’s absolutely bitchin’ super laser? Here’s a test of the beast in action, setting fire to a small boat through fog and salty sea spray. 

Researchers mounted the Maritime Laser Demonstrator, a solid-state laser, aboard the USS Paul Foster, a decommissioned destroyer. Off the central California coast near San Nicholas Island on Wednesday, the laser fired a 15-kilowatt beam at an inflatable motorboat a mile away as both ships moved through the sea.

As the above video shows, there was a flash on the boat’s outboard engines, igniting both of them in seconds, and leaving the ship dead in the choppy waters. All previous tests of the laser have come on land — steady, steady land — aside from an October test of the targeting systems. But for the first time, the Office of Naval Research has proven that its laser can operate in a “no-kidding maritime environment,” says its proud director, Rear Adm. Nevin Carr.

“I spent my life at sea,” Carr says in an interview with Danger Room, “and I never thought we’d see this kind of progress this quickly, where we’re approaching a decision of when we can put laser weapons on ships.”


The Navy will have a laser capable of blasting through 2000 feet of steel by 2020

Did I say 2000 feet of steel? What I meant was that by 2020, the Navy will have a laser capable of blasting through 2000 feet of steel PER SECOND. I’m no scientist, but that seems enough to burn a hole straight through the god damn moon before you can finish a cigarette and still have plenty of juice to carve a giant dick into the face of Mars.

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