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Ten ridiculous Japanese monsters

Every country has its own mythology. Sometimes, that mythology is based around a specific theme or the inability to explain certain things in nature. Sometimes it relates directly to a country’s religion or other spiritual beliefs. Mystical creatures often played a huge role in these mythologies too, especially in Japan, where their mythology had a lot to do with all the things I listed above, including insanity. These are ten Japanese monsters that are so ridiculous that they often seem sarcastic.

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Badass Medusa hairstyle is totally badass
Made by Twitter user Pamyurin. Don’t stare too long or you might turn to stone.

Badass Medusa hairstyle is totally badass

Made by Twitter user Pamyurin. Don’t stare too long or you might turn to stone.

The Weather Channel will be naming the big winter storms this year, but we can do better

Not wanting hurricanes to get all the fun, The Weather Channel has decided this year that they’re going to name the major winter storms in the US. They’re using an interesting mix of names from Greco-Roman culture and… Star Trek. Okay, they’re just waiting til “Khan”, so the internet will go crazy, so whatever. And Gandolf [sic] from Tolkien. That can stay. But what are some other good names for winter storms? Why Greco-Roman? Why not Norse? I SURVIVED MJOLNIR 2012. Yessssss.


Ancient Greek punishments: the 8-bit Flash game

"Let’s Play: Ancient Greek Punishment" is a series of 8-bit Flash games based on the punishments visited by the gods on various naughty ancient Greeks: Sisyphus, Tantalus, Prometheus, Danaids and Zeno. It’s all sorts of mythological fun trying to do things like dislodging an eagle that’s devouring your liver.

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King Arthur’s round table may have finally been found at last

Like many things, Hollywood may have gotten King Arthur’s round table all wrong. Fortunately, they severely underestimated the awesomeness of King Arthur. A find in Chester, England, on the site of an ancient Roman castle is considered by some to be the Great Round Table— and it could seat 1,000. The picture above is what the Roman castle underneath would have looked like.

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