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""Manos": the Hands of Fate" 8 bit video game playthrough

MANOS: The Hands of Fate, the 8-bit video game

I can’t remember if this has ever been posted here, but fans of MST3K should be amused. Look for Killer Shrews and other budget-horror standouts in the game play. Torgo’s theme @ 1:22.

I heart MST3K: Santa Claus

Other than Santa Claus Conquers the Martians, this is one of the best Christmas-themed episodes of MTS3K. Will Satan defeat Santa Claus in a cage-match battle to the death? Watch and find out!

Let’s Have a Patrick Swayze Christmas

Yes, I post this every year. It’s a motherfucking tradition. Suck it.

MST3k Sunday: Fugtive Alien

Sit back and enjoy MST3K’s send up of Fugitive Alien, just one of the infamous Sandy Frank episodes. THEY TRIED TO KILL HIM WITH A FORKLIFT!

IHC After Dark MST3K: “Space Mutiny”

One of the most infamous of MST3K movies, uploaded here for your viewing pleasure. See: The enormous screaming hero. See: The Santa Claus like starship commander See: The undead crew member. See: The shamelessly recycled Battlestar Galactica model shots Hear: Mike and the Bots’ myriad assortment of nicknames for our hero like SLAP ROCKCHEST.

Submitted by Delsyd

IHC MST3K After Dark: “The Screaming Skull”

A remarried widower tries to console his new wife’s feelings of jealousy and intrusion when confronted with the ghost of his deceased wife. Later remade by Lars von Trier as “Antichrist.”

A nice Source-engine-based recreation of the airlock sequence from Mystery Science Theater 3000. Come for the MST3k and stay for a recreation of the bombing sequence from Dr. Strangelove.

Check out this clip from “Project Popcorn”, the Russian MST3K ripoff

I’ve not a fucking clue what’s going on here other than the robots have been replaced with a penguin and a dog. Here’s the description as it appears on YouTube since I don’t have to type it:

"The protagonist - Stepa is a guinea pig at the Institute of Brain. His mind processes the old movies the villain Professor Zamyshlyavkin. But friends - talking dog ketchup and cynical penguin Fidel always ready to joke in the most dangerous places for the psyche! Watch movies with the steppe, ketchup and Fidel - the best entertainment for fans of black humor!"


Twenty two years ago, the first episode of MST3K aired

This is from the first episode of MST3K, “Invaders from the Deep”, with long-haired Joel giving a tour of the Satellite of Love. 

Weekend MST3K: “Mitchell”

This is MST3K number 512, which was the very last episode starring Joel Hodges. 

Do you like loner cops but wish they were generally fatter, sloppier and drunker? Well, you’re in luck! Joe Don Baker stars as the titular cop who does not follow the rules. Mitchell must race against time - and somehow find his way among the many beer cans on the floor of his home - to catch a wealthy man with mob ties who plans to secure a shipment of heroin for himself.

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