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Mozilla unveils their open source smartphone

Mozilla has been working on their own open source, web standards based smartphone OS for a while now, but this week they unveiled their piece de resistance, an actual honest-to-God Firefox OS smartphone.

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Is Mozilla slowly killing off Thunderbird or not?

While the Thunderbird email client isn’t nearly as popular as the Firefox browser, Thunderbird still is a popular product. So why is it that some Thunderbird users have been getting emails telling them not to expect any major software updates any time soon?

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Mozilla renames Boot 2 Gecko as Firefox OS, coming to mobile phones soon

Android, iOS and Windows Phone… and soon there will be one more player, Mozilla. Mozilla has had a mobile phone OS called Boot 2 Gecko for a year, but it’s mainly just been geared towards open source tinkerers. Today, they announced that B2G would now be called ‘Firefox OS’, and would be coming to phone carriers internationally. The first Firefox OS phones will be in Brazil in 2013, with the US coming a little later.

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Mozilla wants to redefine the browser experience with its new iPad browser

A Mozilla browser is coming to iPad, but it’s not Firefox or Fennec. Because Apple requires all third party browsers to be based on Webkit, Mozilla is having to build a new browser from scratch. And it’s willing to do it because it sees its new iPad browser as a chance to rethink how an internet browser should look and act. They want to see how minimal they can get.

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Mozilla releases open source HTML 5 browser based MMO, BrowserQuest

In order to show off the power of HTML 5 to try and move people away from Flash, Mozilla has teamed up with Little Workshop to create a cute little SNES style MMO called BrowserQuest that one can play in one’s HTML 5 supported browser.

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Check out Firefox 11’s crazy new 3D page view feature

If you’re a web developer, you might find that it can sometimes be time consuming to try and break down the structure of a page in a pinch. So as a new tool to aid developers, Firefox 11 has a 3D page view feature that lets developers see a visual structure and hierarchy to pages as a rotatable 3D model.

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