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Nicholas Cage Losing His Shit. NSFW

Video montage of all the best Nicholas Cage freak out moments.  

*Not sure how many of you have already seen this, but a friend showed me it yesterday and I laughed pretty hard -Sox*

A little Friday-night movie fun: Best of the Worst ep. 1

The guys (and gals) at Red Letter Media have released episode one of their new show, Best of the Worst, and it looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun.They pick 3 bad movies, watch them, and then determine the winner and loser. And then the worst movie has something horrible done to it. Come for the Russian Terminator, stay for the John Stamos Bond-style flick with Gene Simmons playing a hermaphroditic bad guy in drag. 

Movie Model Making with Adam Savage

Another episode of Inside Adam Savage’s Cave, focusing on the model-making work he did at Industrial Light and Magic.

Trailer for the Angry Video Game Nerd movie (audio NSFW, obviously)

Looks cheesy as hell, but I bet it could be a lot of fun.

asdf Movie 4 is go!

Hey kid, you can’t skate here!

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