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Check out the first trailer for Mortal Kombat X for PS4 and Xbox One

There’s no release date as of yet, and I’m not sure if this is entirely in-game footage or pre-rendered, but it still looks appropriately brutal.

Mortal Kombat, the live tour promo from 1996

This is a real thing that happened in the 90s, and people actually paid money to see it.


Mortal Kombat’s Sonya Blade is running for political office

In addition to being a virtual cheerleader in NBA Jam, actor and former Playboy model Kerri Hoskin Brandon’s most memorable role was that of Sonya Blade, starting in Mortal Kombat 3. Back when motion capture video was way cooler than rendered characters. For about a year or two. Anyway, Ms. Brandon has now turned to politics, and is running for a seat on a county board in Illinois. Blade 2012!

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IHC After Dark: Ryu and Scorpion

I saw the video with Ryu and Scorpion and thought I’d share this.

MK vs. Street Fighter 2 by Proxicide

Video was found on Youtube but, the original is found on Newgrounds

Mortal Kombat vs Street Fighter in real life

This is surprisingly badass and the fight choreography and directing is pretty well done. I was surprised. BY A HADOUKEN.

Submitted by DV

Sub Zero’s eternal dizziness problem

What if you didn’t perform a finishing move on Sub Zero in Mortal Kombat? Would he just stay dizzy forever? Mrs. Sub Zero JUST CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE!


What are you doing tonight? How about a Mortal Kombat drinking game?

Oh, like babality is any more clever…

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