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Moon-based 3D printers could make tools out of moon dust

Humans have always been clever at finding things to make tools out of, but if you’re up on the Moon and you’re in a jam, you can’t really sit down in your spacesuit and knap a moon rock into the tool you need. So for future lunar explorers, the other option might be 3D printing tools out of moon dust. Because if there’s one thing the Moon has way too much of, it’s dust. Those moon turds above are three different test prints, using moon dust as the 3D printing medium.

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New study shows that moon dust is some seriously dangerous shit

Whether you’re just looking at the moon from your back yard or watching footage of Apollo astronauts gleefully bouncing along the moon’s surface in low gravity, it looks like a pretty serene place. But new studies on moon dust show exactly how dangerous and toxic the moon is if you were to go frolicking about unprotected.

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