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Canadian college student finds major security exploit in the school’s network, tells the school, gets expelled

If you were skilled in programming and networking and you discovered a critical flaw in your university’s network, a flaw that would have exposed the personal data of over 250,000 students, you would think the right thing to do would be to inform the school so they can fix it. Well that’s what Ahmed Al-Khabaz from Montreal’s Dawson College thought, and for his trouble, the school expelled him. In the meantime, the news has gotten Mr. Al-Khabaz tons of job offers, even if the college refuses to reinstate him.

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A golden eagle tries to steal a baby out of a park in Montreal

And the eagle would have gotten away, too if it weren’t for those meddling parents. And now the eagle is probably going to starve. Happy?

Submitted by HDCase and lots of others

Awesome large scale mosaic street art in Montreal

Since we’re submitting shots of graffiti and such this week, I thought I’d share some street art of a different kind.  It’s a large-scale mosaic company in Montreal called Mosaika that has done public installations around the world, including the subway systems of both LA and NYC.  Plus they have a cool dog.

Car in Montreal gets destroyed by exploding sewer

Well ain’t that just a shitty place to park.


Schoolkids in Montreal try to figure out the purpose of retro tech

And it makes me sad and makes me feel really fucking old. Pretty much the only one they got right was the rotary telephone, but even then… I wonder how much longer before kids of the future don’t even recognize the traditional telephone shape as a telephone?


Cylon Moose spotted guarding a restaurant outside Montreal

This awesome Cylon moose was spotted outside the Blue Moose Tavern on Rt. 9 near Lake George outside Montreal by BoingBoing reader BoneDoggie. Gotta love all the small details and the care that went into making this thing. Also note how it’s thoroughly bolted down to prevent it from murdering patrons of the restaurant. Safety first.

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