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Things to add to your Xmas list: The Walking Dead Monopoly

Add this to your Christmas list this year: The Walking Dead version of Monopoly. Sure, it’s pretty much just like regular Monopoly except for the properties and pieces, but maybe in the process, someone might end up with a crossbow bolt in the arm. Never know.

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The shortest possible game of Monopoly is 4 turns and 21 seconds long

Monopoly is notorious for lasting a really long god damn time and alienating you from your friends and family in the process. But as long as Monopoly games can run, the shortest possible Monopoly game with two people only takes four turns and around 21 seconds.

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And the new Monopoly token is… a cat!

Yup, I spoiled it for you right there in the headline. The stupid little Depression-era iron is out and in its place is a cat. Of course it’s a cat, because the internet voted on it and it’s always cats. The other choices were a diamond ring, a robot, a helicopter or a guitar. 

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Hasbro is letting Facebook users vote for a new Monopoly token

Hasbro is going to be retiring one of their iconic tokens from Monopoly, but they won’t say which one. However, they are letting Facebook users choose the next token. Whether it be a cat, a helicopter, a robot, a guitar or a diamond ring, you have the say. Clearly, the mustachioed robot is the only real choice. GO VOTE.


There’s a lot of versions of Monopoly, but there’s only one Alan Turing Monopoly

There’s already a Monopoly set for everything under the sun enjoyed by two or more people, so it’s about time they’ve gotten around to making cool Monopoly versions, celebrating cool people. Like Alan Turing.

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Oh, and there’s going to be a Street Fighter version of Monopoly. Because that fucking makes sense.

Okay Hasbro, we fucking get it. You’re not ever ever ever going to stop making different versions of Monopoly until you’ve made one Monopoly game variant to appeal to every single person on the planet. It’s a strategy of some sort and you’re sticking to it. But Street Fighter Monopoly?

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World of Warcraft Monopoly, Starcraft Risk coming this summer

If you like your Blizzard video games in the form of long-standing popular board games, you’ll be happy to know that this summer, you’ll be able to spend the hot days indoors playing World of Warcraft Monopoly and Starcraft Risk. IRL, not on a computer. I know, how weird is that?

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Rack up some space real estate with this homemade Mass Effect Monopoly board

With hundreds of Monopoly board variations, there are too few that are based on video games. One guy went about rectifying that situation with a pretty rad looking Mass Effect Monopoly board. 

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Doctor Who Monopoly… it exists if you can find it

There’s a hundred million different versions of Monopoly, to whom most of which I wouldn’t even give the time of day, but this… this is Doctor Who Monopoly, a Monopoly game that I want to not only give the time of day, but my money as well.

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Foursquareopoly turns Foursquare into a real life game of Monopoly

I’ll be honest… a month ago, I wouldn’t have given two shits about this, but a few weeks ago, me and several co-workers all signed up for Foursquare at the same time and despite its utter pointlessness, it’s also surprisingly fun. But the fun has been in the competition, to see who amongst us can get the most points in a week, get various badges and compete for mayorships. 

Foursquaropoly is a mobile gaming app that combines the Foursquare API with the gameplay of the Monopoly board game (see a video demo). Players can buy and sell Foursquare check-in venues, and collect rent based on the number of check-ins at each property. The app is currently in development, with no release date set.


Fallout 3 Monopoly board is hands down the best Monopoly board ever

In the history of Monopoly, there have been I don’t know how many Monopoly variants, and Parker Brothers probably doesn’t know either. Probably in the billions. But one thing they’ve never done, the thing that would actually make me play Monopoly again, would be this Fallout 3 Monopoly board.

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It’s a fake trailer for a Monopoly movie that’s probably far better than the real thing

So you know that Ridley Scott is developing a movie based on Monopoly, right? Well he is. And even if Ridley Scott’s involved, it’s probably going to suck. Unless it’s like this.


Hasbro takes all the fun out of cheating at Monopoly with a new super smart Monopoly board

There’s already been a countless number of pretty pointless versions of Monopoly, and now Hasbro’s introducing “Monopoly Live”, a $50 version of the board game with an all-seeing, all-knowing tower in the middle of the board that watches each player, determines whose move it is, determines the cost of any rent or the price of a deed, rolls the dice and gives a sloppy robot hand job to the winner.

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