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For sale: A giant Swiss bank vault full of gold coins, just like Scrooge McDuck has

I know it’s a tempting purchase, but remember that actually trying to dive into a giant pile of gold coins will cause all kinds of massive bodily trauma, possibly death. So don’t do that.

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Jane Austen will be appearing on Britain’s £10 note

Austen will only be the third woman to appear on British currency, and here in the US, all we get mainly are stuffy old statesmen. We should include American authors on our money… people like Edgar Allen Poe and HP Lovecraft and Robert Heinlein.


Money shredding alarm clock gives you a real incentive to wake the fuck up

Are you too heavy on the snooze button? Need a real, tangible reason to wake up I’m the morning? How about an alarm clock that starts shredding your money if you don’t wake up in time? Granted, you can be a puss and not actually load it up with money, but then what’s the point? This is just a prototype, but you can already buy something similar from ThinkGeek… an alarm clock that is connected to your credit or debit card that automatically donates money to your least favorite charity if you don’t get up. Sleeping late has never been so cruel.


Canada officially retires the penny. Adieu, petit penny.

In the US, there’s been talk for decades to get rid of the penny because it costs more to make than it’s actually worth. But Canada said “Fuck it” and went ahead and killed the penny. Good night, penny.

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Bitcoin goes corporate at this year’s CES

There are thousands and thousands of companies making a showing at this year’s CES, but one surprise appearance is by Bitcoin. The digital currency, once a thing of only hackers and underground internet drug dealers has been trying to go legit lately, and their booth at CES highlights this emergence from the dark web.

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Credit cards of the future will have buttons and a screen

Right now, your credit or debit card is just a dumb piece of plastic that only serves the purpose of keeping that magnetic strip on the back in a straight line so readers can read it. But in the near future, your credit card will have buttons and a screen so you can check your balance as well as adding a second layer of security for transactions.

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Bitcoin Central approved to operate as a real bank

Even though Wordpress now takes Bitcoins as payment, the rest of the world hasn’t taken Bitcoin seriously as real money. That may begin to change, now that Bitcoin Central, the hub from which all Bitcoin exchanges are transacted, has been approved in France to operate as a real bank.

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