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The first ever high resolution image of a molecule breaking and reforming its chemical bonds

Okay, so it may not look high resolution like your TV looks high resolution, but when you’re talking about pictures of atoms, this is as high res as it gets. This is the first ever image atoms in a molecule breaking apart and then reforming chemical bonds. Stuff that happens all day every day around you and inside you.

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This is the world’s highest surface area material

When it comes to friction and adhesion between surfaces, surface area is everything. The substance above, while it looks like some sort of alien spine, has the highest surface area for any kind of manmade synthetic material.

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Scientists capture first-ever image of atoms moving inside a molecule

Scientists have mapped the probable paths of electrons, have manipulated individual atoms to make nano-structures, but until now, no one has actually seen atoms vibrating their little butts off inside a molecule. 

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The world’s tiniest electric motor is only one molecule wide

Nanoscience has gotten the art of making microscopic motors down pretty well, but the previous record holder was a motor 200 nanometers across (a human hair is about 60,000 nanometers wide). This new electric motor, created by chemical engineers at Tufts University is only 1 nanometer wide, consisting of a single custom-built molecule.

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