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Movie Model Making with Adam Savage

Another episode of Inside Adam Savage’s Cave, focusing on the model-making work he did at Industrial Light and Magic.

Israel bans super skinny models, makes them submit to weight and BMI requirements

Israel: “GTFO and eat a sammich”

In a surprise piece of legislation, the state of Israel has banned models that are too skinny, saying that models, whether runway or advertising models, must meet certain weight and body mass index requirements before they can get paid. I think I shall call this the “Anti-Bag of Antlers” bill.

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Supermodel Rhian touches herself for cancer awareness (NSFW)

She’s got some serious cojones.

Model takes a shirt to a whole new level

Take one boring men’s work suit, give it to a sexy fashion model and voila. 

NEXT’s Next Model… he’s one sexy lad

British clothes retailer Next is looking for its next top model. 24-year-old Belfastian Roland B would like to be Next’s next top model, and many people would like to see that happen.

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This is what it looks like when a runway model falls continuously for 20 meters

It’s just like the game QWOP, only with less sammiches.


This hand model lady is crazy

But if your entire life was protecting your hands so that they looked good as possible, you might be too. Not like those face and body boys.


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