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New startup wants to save you money on crazy roaming charges while traveling

If you live in the US and you happen to find yourself traveling anywhere outside North America, unless money is no object, you might find yourself completely disabling data on your phone, turning off your phone entirely or bringing some cheap voice-only burner phone to save on the insane roaming charges US carriers like to impose. But one new startup called Attache Arrivals will help you travel like it’s the 21st century by providing easy and cheaper access to unlocked smartphones and SIM cards for just about any region of the world.

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So Apple wants to make sure you can’t drop the dime on the 5-0 by letting your phone camera be remotely disabled


Time to shop Samsung— a new patent recently filed by Apple would allow someone else within a certain physical proximity to disable your phone’s camera. The non-threatening part of this technology would allow movie theaters to disable phone cameras to prevent piracy or for teachers to disable camera phones during a test to prevent cheating, but the part that’s got everyone upset is that it could also be used by law enforcement to disable camera phones in a certain radius during protests, arrests or other police actions. 

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Starting May 15, you’ll be able to text 911 in case of emergency. Emergency. They don’t want pictures of your junk.

Starting May 15 in the US, if you happen to find yourself in an emergency situation where you can’t talk, but you can text, you’ll be able to text your emergency to 911. Right now, the service is only set to launch on Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile, and cities and counties across America may or may not have the capability to receive 911 texts on May 15, but the plan is that eventually, you’ll be able to send texts and even photos to 911 via text. Just don’t text them bullshit, because that will still get you in trouble, you dick.

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Peppr: The German app that finds you a hooker.

Perhaps the best part of this app is the story of how it was started: 

"I was walking down Oranienburger Strasse – I know it sounds cheesy, but it’s the truth – it was chilly and I saw the poor girls on the streets, and I thought, why isn’t there an app? It’s not efficient to wait outside."-Pia Poppenreite

See people, human compassion isn’t dead. There just may be hope for the human race after all.

Source: Phonearena

Steve Woz thinks Apple should build an Android smartphone. He ain’t trollin’

Ever since day one of Apple, Steve Wozniak was very much at odds with how Steve Jobs wanted to run the company. Wozniak was all about free and open source, Jobs was about design and marketing and making money. So a couple times a year, Woz makes some comment that completely goes against what Apple is all about now, so it’s not surprising when he recently commented that Apple would be smart to make varieties of iPhone with Android. The problem with that is that Android is becoming less and less open source every day, with only the most basic OS framework as part of the current version, and that’s all mostly from 1.0 or 2.0, everything else is slowly being rolled into the Google Play powered closed-source you-gotta-pay-to-put-it-on-your-phones chunk of code. The future is quickly turning into whose ecosystem you’re buying into and Google’s not giving that away for free.

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South Korea to have 1000x-faster-than-LTE 5G in place by 2020

LTE isn’t that bad, and there’s more of it every day across the US. South Korea is already thinking towards even faster mobile speeds— way faster. By 2020, the country plans on having a 5G network in place that’s 1000 times faster than today’s LTE. You’ll be able to download an 8000Mb movie in about a second. Bam.

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CES 2014: Nvidia’s new Tegra mobile chip to have 192 GD cores

Aside from all the smart TVs and 4K resolution TVs and smart watches at last week’s CES, there was this takeaway lesson: The era of any major differentiation between mobile and desktop is coming to an end. Your mobile will soon every bit as powerful as your desktop and the only reason left to own a non-mobile desktop-like workstation, whether it be a laptop or a tower, is because you’re a professional or a gamer that just needs that kind of serious upgrade in horsepower. And the chip to take us across that bridge will be new, crazy as fuck 192 CUDA core Tegra chip. Unreal Engine 4 will be coming to this chip, which is kinda a big deal, because that’s going in your tablets and phones and Android game consoles.

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You could read the full Ars Technica review of the LG G Flex smartphone, but you don’t really need to read the remaining 33 paragraphs, this summary from my RSS feed pretty much nails it

You could read the full Ars Technica review of the LG G Flex smartphone, but you don’t really need to read the remaining 33 paragraphs, this summary from my RSS feed pretty much nails it

FAA now allowing use of electronic devices throughout most of your plane trip

If you’re annoyed or inconvenienced when you’re told on an airplane that you have to wait until you’re at a certain altitude to use electronic devices, today the FAA announced it was lifting those restrictions… because they were based on nothing but superstition. You still can’t gab on your phone the whole flight thank god, but you can Candy Crush or email or tweeter as much as you want during takeoff and landing.

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So the good news is that the iPhone 5S’s fingerprint sensor also works on nipples

Because the fingerprint sensor on the iPhone 5S doesn’t specifically look for fingerprint patterns, but for textures, you can not only train your fancy new phone to unlock using your fingerprints, but also nipples. That makes it entirely worth the sticker price.

Apple unveils two new iPhones with all kinds of new features and colors

As expected, at today’s big Apple event, there was not one but two new iPhones that hit the red carpet. There’s the iPhone 5S, which will be Apple’s new top of the line iPhone, available in black, silver or gold-champagne, with a fingerprint scanner and some serious guts and the iPhone 5C, a line of candy colored iPhones that are available for $100 with a contract. Also, iOS 7 will be released on September 18.

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Introducing the Arirang, North Korea’s first smartphone

The North Korean government is calling the Arirang the first smartphone from North Korea, though it’s more likely that the phone was designed and manufactured in China and assembled in North Korea. Or maybe just packaged in North Korea. At any rate, Kim Jong Un is pretty stoked.

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