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The next season of Misfits will be the last, so here’s the series finale trailer

Misfits has had a good run and showed everyone what a good show Heroes could have been, but the tank is starting to run low, so it’s time to go out the right way.

Morning music: Iwan Rheon “Follow Me”

After discovering the UK series Misfits last year during IHC’s ‘11 Best TV Shows poll, my sister revealed to me that Iwan Rheon who plays Simon Bellamy (the show’s obvious best character) is also an amazing musician. Here’s a video of one of his great songs for your viewing (and listening) pleasure.

IHC TV reviews: Misfits season 3 episode 1

It seems like it’s been forever since the last season of Misfits, though it’s been the same year as every show goes through. Yet so much has changed when we pick up season three— the group is no longer doing community service, Nathan (Robert Sheehan) has left the show to be replaced by a guy named Rudy played by Joseph Gilgun and thanks to some mysterious man in a back alley office, everyone has new powers. So with all these things, is this new season still as good? Oh yes it is.

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The guy behind The OC and Gossip Girl wants to remake Misfits for American TV. This must be stopped.

America has a long and sordid history of stealing TV shows from the UK, and most of the time, the results aren’t very good. And noooow… Josh Schwartz, the creator of The OC, Gossip Girls and Chuck wants to remake the fucking awesome British show Misfits for US television. Seriously? Fuck you.

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Watch the hit TV show “Misfits” for free on YouTube

Being in the US, I’ve only seen a couple episodes of Misfits, but also being in the US, I’m incredibly jealous of Britland’s ability to put out some of the best TV again again. Misfits is like Heroes, if Heroes had stayed awesome instead of veering wildly off the tracks after one season. And now, the entire first season is (I think) legitimately up on YouTube for your enjoyment.

Misfits is about five antisocial adolescent criminals in a community service group. In the first episode (embedded above) they get struck by lightning and they all get superpowers that reflect their individual antisocial quirks. They don’t really use their powers for good or evil, to put it in nerd terms, they’re like chaotic neutrals. In each episode they have to do some project for their community service which usually leads them to encountering other antisocial individuals who were given powers by the storm.

Click through the video to see the other episodes.


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