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In the near future, your current microwave will look like such a square

Microwave ovens have gotten a lot smaller over the decades, but they’ve pretty much always looked the same. In the near future, if this Fagor Spoutnik microwave is any leader in design, your microwave could look more like a little dome on your countertop.

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How to smelt metal in your microwave

Normally, it’s not advisable to put any sort of metal in a microwave, but one guy decided to try metal smelting in his microwave after reading about it in Popular Science.

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Hacked microwave oven plays YouTube videos while you wait

The μWave is a hack involving an Arduino and a TouchPad taped to a microwave door, which plays YouTube clips perfectly matched to your cooking time. This Frankenstein uses the Arduino to send data from the microwave’s seven-segment displays to a web server, which finds a highly-rated YouTube video of the right length. The web client running in the browser treats you to a video clip that ends right when your food is done, then optionally tweets or sends a text message. The hack was created by students at the University of Pennsylvania, where it won first place in the PennApps Hackathon.


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