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Microsoft launching real time translator for Skype later this year

Announced earlier this week, Microsoft will be launching a real time babel fish-like language translator for Skype later this year. Microsoft has already well integrated Skype into its business and personal suite, making it indispensable for communicating and collaborating. But later this year, it’s going to get even better and more global with the addition of real time language translation. Talk to business partners in China, talk to your old Greek grandmother, talk to friends in Spanish or German, in real time, and hope that the translation comes out good enough that you don’t start some kind of international conflict when you accidentally insult someone’s mother.

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Things you should know: How exactly do Macs and PCs differ?

Other than a dock vs a start menu, if someone asks you how PCs and Macs differ from each other, here’s some knowledge.

Microsoft unveils the Surface Pro 3, puts it head-to-head with the MacBook Air

For the first couple iterations of the Surface Pro, Microsoft has said that it could be both a tablet and a netbook replacement, but with today’s unveiling of the Surface Pro 3, Microsoft is taking the Air head on. The screen is now larger at 12-inches and sports a higher resolution than the MacBook Air. The Surface Pro 3 with a keyboard is thinner than the MacBook Air. There’s 4g built-in. And for better or worse, the Surface Pro 3 is a touchscreen and has novel OneNote features such as a mode that instantly lets users jot down notes even when the device is turned off.

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Microsoft announces a Kinect-free Xbox One for $400

Even though Microsoft has insisted time and time again since the Xbox One was announced that Kinect integration in every game for every console would be essential, and that they would never sell an Xbox One without a Kinect, today they went back on that and said they’ll be offering a version of the Xbone without a Kinect for $400. This puts it as the same price as the PS4, and it’s something they kinda had to do, considering Sony has pushed 7 million PS4s compared to Xbox’s 5 million. 

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Microsoft wises up, launches a free version of Windows for small screen devices

If you were born yesterday, you might find it odd to think that a couple decades ago, Microsoft was the (mostly) undisputed king of everything personal computer related. Before iOS, before Google Android, Microsoft was the personal software juggernaut. Fast forward to now, where Microsoft often feels like an old boxing champ that refuses to go down, even as it’s clearly bruised and wobbling. But in a smart move to try and fend off Android from becoming the new de facto OS for the upcoming internet of things— wearables, home electronics, car electronics etc— Microsoft has announced a free version of Windows for devices with screens 9 inches and smaller, which makes Windows a very enticing option for manufacturers looking to manufacture the next wave of internet connected everything.

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Microsoft names Nutella as CEO, Bill Gates coming back to work directly with the company

Not Nutella, sorry. Nadella. Satya Nadella, until now the VP of enterprise and cloud products, was named as Microsoft’s new CEO this morning. Bill Gates will also be stepping down as chairman of the board to return to a more active, hands-on role with the company. Mmm, Nutella.

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Microsoft researching a bra that detects stress to help with overeating, because women am I right?

Always thinking about the future and boobies, researchers at Microsoft have been working on a smart bra that would detect when the wearer is stressed out and likely to binge eat, and somehow preventing that unwanted action. Possibly by powerful electric shock or robotic voiced nagging, I don’t know, I got distracted by looking for a picture of boobs for the article header.

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Microsoft releases a cheat sheet of all the dirty, dirty things you can say to your Xbox One Kinect

If you’ve got an Xbox One, or are planning on getting one, you can probably figure out pretty easily that you can tell your console things like “Xbox turn off” or “Xbox watch TV”, but just so you’re not babbling on trying to ask your Xbox to advise you of the best place to bury a dead body or pleading with it to unlock hot coffee modes, Microsoft recently released a full list of Kinect voice and motion commands.

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So the Xbox One may replace your shitty cable box forever

The PS4 launches this coming Friday the 15th and the Xbox One hits shelves the week after, on November 22nd. If you’re uncertain on which next gen console to get, one advantage of the Xbox One is that it’s not just a game platform, but its HDMI pass-through will let you use it and its simple, intuitive menu and Kinect voice controls as a replacement for your cable box. That’s right… no more dealing with that cluttered, shitty and confusing cable box interface.

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Microsoft unveils Surface 2 and Surface 2 Pro. Is it enough?

Even though Microsoft’s original Surface tablets sold like buckets full of shit, the company is dedicated to manufacturing tablet hardware, and so have introduced the Surface 2 and Surface 2 Pro. 

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Microsoft now owns, let the hilarity commence

Shortly after Microsoft announced the Xbox One, some people began shortening the name of the new console to “Xbone”, a moniker Microsoft is now making official with the purchase of Sexbone? Is connected to the hip bone?

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Steve Ballmer leaving Microsoft within the next 12 months

Earlier today, Microsoft announced that long time CEO Steve Ballmer would be stepping down within the next 12 months. Even though Windows 8 hasn’t been a big hit, the company is still making bank on its business and server software, so it’s not that Ballmer is mad you didn’t like his tiles, he’s just been with the company for a long damn time.

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