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It’s Friday, check out the first international trailer for Birdman starring Michael Keaton

We may not have him back as Batman, but we have him playing a struggling actor who once played a famous movie superhero, so that’s something.

Check out the first teaser trailer for ‘Birdman’ starring Michael Keaton

BIRDMAN or The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance is a black comedy that tells the story of an actor (Michael Keaton) — famous for portraying an iconic superhero — as he struggles to mount a Broadway play. In the days leading up to opening night, he battles his ego and attempts to recover his family, his career, and himself.

That sounds awesome and all, but I’ll never stop wondering what Keaton would be like in Batman vs Superman.

Michael Keaton in early talks with Tim Burton to do Beetlejuice 2

While the project is still in its very early stages, during a Robocop press junket, Michael Keaton admitted he and Tim Burton are in talks to do Beetlejuice 2. Keaton had said he would only do it if Burton was involved, so hopefully this will move forward with a quickness. As awesome as it would be to have others from the original involved, it would be total wishful speculation at this point to say who’s in and who’s not.

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Michael Keaton wanted to do a Batman Begins style third Batman movie

After doing Batman in 1989 and Batman Returns in 1992, Michael Keaton was all about doing a third Batman film, but he and Tim Burton wanted to do a thorough Batman origin story along the lines of Batman Begins. When the project was handed to Joel Schumacher, Keaton could smell the stink from 10 miles away and decided not to return to the Bat-cave.

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Hugh Laurie drops out of Robocop, Michael Keaton steps in

Actor Hugh Laurie has apparently changed his mind about being in the Robocop remake, so the production has instead turned to Michael Keaton. House is out, Batman is in.

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Michael Keaton is “hugely excited” about doing a second Beetlejuice movie

Even though production of Ghostbusters 3 has been hampered by the uncooperative nature of Bill Murray, in other overdue 80s movie sequel news, Michael Keaton is apparently thrilled and excited about the idea of doing a second Beetlejuice film. And I too, am equally excited at the idea of Keaton reviving the character.

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