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Hey IHC, I need your opinion on the zombie hologram Michael Jackson at the Billboard Awards

I know this is a couple days old, but I’m both fascinated with the technological spectacle, even though it’s definitely in uncanny valley territory.

Michael Jackson almost played the Doctor in a 1980s Doctor Who movie

Yes, this was apparently a very real thing that almost happened… in the 1988, as ideas were being tossed around for a Doctor Who movie, one of the plans was to cast Michael Jackson as the Doctor. And Michael apparently was all about it.

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Morning music: Slash and Michael Jackson “Black and White”

In 1991, this happened.

Michael Jackson’s daughter talks about how weird it was to have to wear masks when she was younger

When the Prince of Pop was alive, he made all three of his kids wear masks or sheets over their faces in public, so that they could live an otherwise normal life without being recognized. It’s still sort of weird, even if it was well-intentioned.


Morning music: Candice Brown “I Want You Back” (Jackson 5 cover)

This girl tends to cover deceased artists. This one is of the late Michael Jackson but she has covers of Whitney Houston and Amy Winehouse too. Spot on, if you ask me too.

Filipino traffic cop is possessed by the funky ghost of Michael Jackson

Even if you’re stuck in rush hour Manila traffic, at least the traffic cop’s a smooth criminal.


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IHC After Dark: Dad catches his son dancing to MJ while doing dishes

I like to do the dishes to “The Humpty Dance”, so I’m getting a kick out of this video.

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