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The messy history to define, invent and reinvent the taco

The search for authentic Mexican food—or rather, the struggle to define what that meant—has been going on for two hundred years, and some of the most important battles have been fought outside of Mexico. Notions of authenticity have been contested through interactions between insiders and outsiders, they have changed over time, and they have contributed to broader power relations. The very idea of Mexico was first conceived by Creoles, people of European descent born in the Americas, who imagined a shared past with Aztec monarchs to claim political autonomy within the Spanish empire, but who scorned the native foods made of corn. When independence came in the nineteenth century, attempts to forge a national cuisine were torn between nostalgia for Creole traditions and the allure of European fashions. Foods considered to be Indian were largely ignored, along with yet another variant of Mexican cooking that emerged in the northern territories conquered by Yankee invaders. With the U.S. rise to global power in the twentieth century, this Tex-Mex cooking was industrialized and carried around the world. Mexican elites, confronted with the potential loss of their culinary identity to this powerful neighbor, then sought to ground their national cuisine in the pre-Hispanic past.

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Incredibly well preserved dinosaur tail unearthed in Mexico

Most of the time when dinosaur skeletons are found, scientists are lucky to find the bones in any sort of arrangement even remotely resembling a skeleton. Time and geology and whatever else usually rearranges bones, heaps one dino’s bones on another… it’s a big mess. So it was astounding when a dig in Mexico revealed the skeletal remains of a tail that are nearly as perfectly placed as when the dinosaur was alive.

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Mexico passes the US as the fattest country in the western hemisphere. Via la Mexico!


Congratulations, America… you’re no longer the fattest country in the western hemisphere. That title now officially belongs to Mexico, whose obesity rate has skyrocketed, pushing them past America, the reigning king of flab.

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Learn about all the variations of the Mexican taco with this handy map
Larger version here

Learn about all the variations of the Mexican taco with this handy map

Larger version here

An animated history of the violent Mexican drug cartels

“Tens of thousands are being murdered, and over a million are being forced to flee their homes. U.S. laws and policy play a major role in the conflict’s violence. This video is about understanding the complexities of the war and why it is happening.”


German’s solar ovens sunbake Mexican tortillas

Germans might be one of the last peoples you might expect to contribute to advancements in tortilla baking technology, but one German entrepreneur has exported his solar ovens to Mexico to help make the perfect sun-baked tortilla.

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Photographing Mexico’s Cholombiano street culture

A very interesting look at a subculture coming out of Mexico consisting of Colombian young men who are often called Cholombianos and who have a very unique hairstyle and way of dress.


Why the Maya fell


The remains of one of the most advanced civilizations of ancient times has lead to many speculations as to why, out of nowhere, it seemed to vanish as a culture and allow its remarkable architecture and knowledge be reclaimed by the South American jungle. Now, there are new theories and evidences that show a multiple factor scenario, including religious and political conflict, overpopulation, and climate change. A haunting resemblance to our present day world issues.

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Apple loses the right to use the name “iPhone” in Mexico

Apple picked a fight in Mexico with a company that registered the name “iFone” in Mexico four years before Apple, and lost. The company behind the iFone trademark tried to block Apple from selling products with the name “iPhone”, but as of right now, Apple will still be able to use the name. FOR NOW.

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Shit that takes serious balls: Going undercover as a Mexican drug lord

Former undercover DEA agent, Celerino Castillo III, tells us about training death squads, blowing up cocaine labs, and how the cartels are controlling both sides of the border.

The Mexican Mormon War. An in-depth documentary by Vice’s Shane Smith.

The cartels of Juarez, Mexico, are at war with a group of Mormons, some of whom are related to Mitt Romney. We went there to document the conflict, meet Romney’s Mormon family, and find out more about how US policy is impacting the war on drugs. 

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The beloved taco is subject of new research

Let’s see your birth certificate, taco!

Where did the taco come from? Who invented it? The Aztecs? Ancient Egyptians? Did extraterrestrials bestow the taco upon mankind as the greatest gift one intelligent race can give to another? Let’s find out.

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