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North Korea makes so much incredibly pure meth, it would make Walter White giggle with joy

When you’re one of the poorest nations on Earth, but you need lots of money to spend on all military brass and polish, but you have nothing of real value, what do you do? Make meth. 98% pure crystal meth, and lots of it. So much of it, that the government encourages people to smoke it every day because they’ve got so much of it, and it’s pretty much the only thing that’s keeping the nation afloat at all. Had Breaking Bad not ended like it had, and Walter White wanted more than just the North American meth market, one more season and he could have been going toe-to-toe with the North Korean government. That would have been fun.

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If you’re going to have a mobile meth lab, do it in a Camaro

Meth, meth, meth… everywhere the kids today are making the meth. In a recent mobile meth lab bust in Mishawaka, Indiana, cops found a Camaro decked out with all the meth makings. Camaros make the classiest meth labs.

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Man arrested in Oklahoma after a portable meth lab exploded in his pants

David Williams ran from a police officer who noticed a chemical smell as he was issuing a speeding ticket to the driver of the SUV Williams was a passenger in, KOTV reported. The officer caught up with Williams and in the ensuing struggle, an “active meth lab” he had been hiding in his pants burst, Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper Shiloh Hall told the station.


Woman who melted her face off in meth lab explosion gets caught making again

Making meth is not only illegal, it can be incredibly dangerous. So if getting arrested for making meth isn’t enough of a deterrent, is it enough when your meth lab blows up in your face, leaving your horribly disfigured? For Heather Raybon of Milton, Florida, not even that could stop her.

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Words can’t even begin to describe how much I wish I hadn’t seen this. Thankfully I had the camera with me, so you all can experience sights that can’t be unseen! That is her date with her by the way. Yes, her DATE.

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