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In this two minute commercial, a girl tries faking her first period and parental hilarity ensues

I used to like marshmallows…

"The Camp Gyno" from Hello Flo. Tampons, pads, and candy delivered to your door.

It’s kinda like the Dollar Shave Club, except not really…

"Mike" from Breaking Bad wants to talk to you about menstruation

Actor Jonathan Banks, now well known for playing the hard-nosed badass Mike Ehrmantrout, starred in this PSA about menstruation from 1974.

It’s science: Women who are PMSing are better at spotting snakes

From the Department of Why Does This Study Exist, But It Does, So Deal With It, researchers in Japan have concluded that women who are PMSing are much better than everyone else when it comes to spotting snakes.

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Why do women menstruate?

Human females, most primates and some rodents menstruate in the manner we would normally think of it, with blood coming out of one’s baby hole, but it’s not at all the norm in the animal kingdom. Some animals like dogs, go through longer periodic cycles, but almost all blood is reabsorbed. So why do humans do it? What’s the point?

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How stupid is Asic’s shoe designed for menstruating women?

"It’s a bloody good running shoe!"

Hardcore runners all have their own opinions about the kind of shoe is the best for hitting the pavement— lots of support, a little support, minimal, or no shoes at all. Last year, Asics brought out a version of its Kayano running shoe that supposedly accommodates its arch support from high to low depending on where a woman is in her menstrual cycle, but whether its effective is still being debated.

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Disney’s “The Story of Menstruation” from 1946

In case you didn’t know, this is how menstruation works. One of Disney’s many instructional and scientific films from the 30s and 40s.


TSA story of the day: Woman grope-searched because her panty liner was blocking the image of her vulva in the full body scan

Another day, another almost unbelievable story resulting from the TSA’s brand new heavy-handed security measures. This woman wrote in to GladRags, the manufacturer of her favorite panty liner to tell her story about how she was felt up by TSA agents even after going through a full body scanner because her panty liner was obscuring her vulva and the TSA thought she might have a snuke or something. (By the way, the woman in the image above is not her.)

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