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Time to be shameless…

So, it’s been brought to my attention that there is a contest going on with Maxim for a new Gamer Girl and I have entered!  So, if you could spare a moment and vote (or reblog so others may also see the message to vote) I would very much appreciate it!  I know that I don’t really have too much of a chance compared to other girls, but it’s still a nice way to get more viewers for GIYU.  Thank you, my darlings!



Daily Discussion: IHC’s Hot 100?

Maxim Magazine recently released its Hot 100, the mega list of the hottest women of 2011. There’s no doubt that all of those ladies are quite attractive, but I think at IHC we can do better. 

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Russian spy Anna Chapman poses for Russian Maxim. But she’s still no Kristina Svechinskaya

Russian spy Anna Chapman, who you may remember was called the “sexiest spy ever” recently did a photo shoot for Russian Maxim Magazine. But the problem is that there’s an even sexier hacker / spy person out there… Kristina Svechinskaya. Her pics are after Anna’s for comparison.

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