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Wibbly wobbly creepy: Video merges the faces of all 13 Doctors into one

From Hartnell to Capaldi, this video both averages out the faces of two individual subsequent Doctors, then averages out the whole to create… a white British guy, but a very average looking person indeed. My favorite is the War Doctor/Eccleston Doctor. 

Iranian is the first woman to win mathematic’s Fields Medal. Score another math victory for Persia.

During the Golden Age of the Persian Empire, Iran was an unstoppable font of mathematical and scientific discovery and progress. And even though she had to move from Tehran to the US to fully pursue her goals, Iranian mathematician Maryam Mirzakhani became the first woman to win the Fields Medal, mathematic’s equivalent of the Nobel Prize. Mirzakhani was awarded the medal for her work in understanding the symmetry of curved surfaces.

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Sunday mindfuck: Was the Big Bang the product of the collapse of a four dimensional star?


Trying to figure out exactly what the Big Bang was, what caused it, and what might have come before it, is one of the greatest and most fundamental questions in understanding our universe. One new theory, that may sound crazy, but is mathematically sound and possibly testable, is that what we perceive as a “big bang” was the collapse of a four dimensional star into a black hole, and that our three dimensional universe is merely that four dimensional star being smashed into three dimensions, exactly like how in our universe, three dimensional objects become two dimensional when they reach the event horizon of a black hole. 

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Vi Hart explains why some infinities are larger than others

If you need something to wake up your brain this morning, listen to the soothing sounds of Vi Hart talking about mathematical infinities.

Mathematical beauty activates the same portion of the brain as great art

Even though math and art are sometimes seen as being opposites, both activate the same part of the brain that appreciates beauty. So whether it’s the Mona Lisa or seeing someone compute the movement of subatomic particles, they both are interpreted by your brain as “damn that’s pretty”. And it is.

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IHC After Dark short films: “Niels”

IHCer’s first short film looks mathematical…

"Brian’s brother is locked in a box comprised of mathematics. Brian is trying to find the key to get him out."

Morning mindfuckery: Why the sum of all positive integers is -1/12

It doesn’t make any god damn, but it’s a rock solid fact of mathematics— that if you add up every single positive integer out there, which is a lot, the sum will be -1/12. Why is that? If I could even begin to explain it on my own, I would’t be so bad at not being broke.

How To Always Win In Connect Four

In a nutshell: always go first, always drop it down the middle on your first move, and as long as you don’t play like an idiot the game’s all yours. Math.

(via Numberphile)

And now, here’s a simple math puzzle that will melt your brain

1+1-1+1… etc sounds simple, but this video will show you there are actually three different answers.

Is math a feature of the universe or is it just something humans made up?

Mind blown.

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