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Fleshlight just made an iPad case that you can fuck. So you can check that off your list.

Called the LaunchPAD, this piece of futuristic technology apparently took two and a half years to develop, and offers a fully balls deep immersive POV experience, especially when using something like Facetime or Skype, which would really add some spice to a normally boring as hell webinar.

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The dream is here, as you can now design and 3D print your own custom dildos

Want an easy way to create your own custom 3D printed dildos? Thanks to the Dildo Generator, you can now create the dildo of the dreams in your web browser. You can adjust the bezier curves to your liking, and the script then revolves the shape to create your very own orifice buster. Sure, you could easily do the same thing in any 3D modeling program, but in a pinch, the Dildo Generator will help you create a 3D file in a jiffy that you can then use in your Makerbot or what have you.


IHC After Dark: Reh Dogg - I’m Jerkin’ Off

I thought this was going to be a straightforward rap song about a guy enjoying masturbation time, but it has themes that have disturbed me beyond repair. He’s totally impossible to get along with. Enjoy.

Woman wins the right to watch porn and masturbate at work, because life isn’t fair

The 36-year-old accountant, suffers from a chemical imbalance that triggers anxiety and hypersexuality. She is said to need to masturbate for at least fifteen minutes every two hours. The condition, that requires the sufferer to orgasm to relieve stress and anxiety, caused Ms Bezerra difficulty at work. At the peak of her condition she was having to masturbate up to forty-seven times a day. quotes Ms Bazerra as saying: “I got so bad I would have to masturbate up to forty seven-times a day. That’s when I asked for help, I knew it wasn’t normal,” Now on on a variety of tranquillisers, Bezerra reportedly (only) has to masturbate around 18 times a day.

Read the story here is giving away free vibrators to furloughed federal employees

If you’re a furloughed federal employee sitting around with too-too-too much time on your hands, is giving away 200 free vibes a day to “non-essential” furloughed federal employees. All you have to do is enter the coupon code “IAmAFederalEmployee”.

They won’t do a background check to confirm you are one, but if you lie they point out, ‘Karma will get you. Note: Congress Representatives, who voted for the shutdown, are all deemed “essential” so are ineligible. But since they are still getting paid, they can afford to buy their own.


Orgasms are good for your memory, says science

Female sexual pleasure specialist Professor Barry Komisaruk, and his research team at Rutgers University in New Jersey, have discovered a brand new excuse for masturbating in public. 

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