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Could Dr. Strange be making a cameo in Thor 2?

We already know that Marvel is going to be doing a Dr. Strange movie, but now there are rumors that as a tie-in to that future film, Strange could be making a cameo in Thor 2. Maybe. 

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Marvel offering free digital downloads with physical comic purchases

While digital comic sales have been good business for both DC and Marvel, it’s so far done little to encourage sales of printed comic books. But now Marvel has announced that starting in June, when you buy certain titles in print form, you’ll get a code to get a digital copy of the same issue.

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Own Captain America’s shield, Thor’s hammer, Red Skull painting, more awesome stuff from Marvel auction

If you’ve got deep pockets and you like super fucking awesome Marvel superhero movie props, you might take a gander at all the cool shit Marvel is auctioning both online and in person at the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo.

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More LEGO fun from the NY Toy Fair: Lego Avengers

From this year’s New York Toy Fair, Marvel showed off the first look at the Avengers LEGO set, coming in May to coincide with the Avengers movie. They also mentioned that these figures and accessories aren’t the whole thing, which is good, because I’m seeing a serious lack of a Nick Fury minifig, motherfuckers.

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Fan art of the day: Famous actors as Marvel super heroes

I don’t know who half of these actors are, but it’s still a cool project, by Alex Tuis. It’s sort of like “What if Robert Downey Jr. was Iron Man?” but different. I definitely like the idea of Bruce Lee as Spider-Man and Harvey Keitel as Wolverine.

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Marvel’s lawyers arguing in real life that X-Men mutants aren’t human

For all the discussion on the pages of comic books about whether mutants are human or not, when it comes to the real world, Marvel is arguing fiercely that X-Men are not human. But it’s not an ideological debate, it’s all about taxes.

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Happy 89th birthday, Stan Lee!

Today is the 89th birthday of one of the greatest comic book character creators to have ever lived. He may or may not have created your favorite comic book character, but he’s created a shit-ton of them that have become household names and cultural icons: The Hulk, Spider-Man, X-Men, Fantastic Four and Captain Marvel just to name a few.

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Check out the teaser trailer for Blade the anime series

G4 ran the anime series versions of Wolverine, X-Men and Iron Man and in January, they’ll be getting Blade the anime series. I didn’t see Wolverine or X-Men, but I did see Iron Man. It was decent. It looked really nice, but the writing was pretty fucking boring for the most part. I still might check Blade out though… it’s hard to go wrong with slicing up vampires with swords.


The Avengers versus X-Men is Marvel’s next big thing

Marvel is holding a press conference tomorrow at 3pm EST with more details, but it’s known that the event will announce their next major storyline that will see the return of the Phoenix, which will pit the Avengers against the X-Men.

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Mickey Rourke: “Marvel makes mindless comic book movies.” STOP THE FUCKING PRESSES

In an interview about his upcoming movie The Immortals, actor Mickey Rourke talks about how he’s not going to be in The Expendables 2 and never planned on it, and how he was disappointed with Iron Man 2 for being one of Marvel’s “mindless comic book movies”. Well look who just woke up. Hey there, sleepy head.

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